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Almohada Cervical Triplex Pardo
Almohada Cervical Triplex Pardo

Cervical latex pillow Triplex Brown medium-low firmness

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100% latex pillow with various positions of use and with perforated relief, on the upper and lower face, which allows maximum breathability for an adaptable and fresh rest.

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Brown latex pillow for sleeping on your back

The Cervical Pillow Pardo Triplex , incorporates in its interior a great technology thanks to its configuration of 4 pillows in 1. Depending on in which position the pillow is placed under the head of the sleeper, we obtain 4 different benefits that allow to relax more deeply, certain parts of the body. neck and back. Thus, to relax the cervical area, it is recommended to rest the head on the thickest part, leaving the grainy part behind and looking up. If, on the other hand, the head is supported on the less coarse granulated part, a greater relaxation in the back is achieved. If you are looking for the typical benefits of latex pillows, it is recommended to use the flat part with the thinnest area under the head and if you are looking for a more conventional type of pillow, but with a throw, it is recommended to rest your head on the area thicker of the flat plate, thus also the position of the head-back is smoothed.

This pillow is designed for those who want a latex model with medium-low firmness, especially for those who sleep on their stomachs.

Benefits of Pardo latex pillow

  • Its advanced multipositional geometry and the high quality of the latex used make it a unique pillow. High breathability. Differentiated use for each face and orientation.
  • 100% latex core, exclusively formulated (50% natural, 50% synthetic), without fillers, with multi-perforated exterior relief on the upper and lower face.
  • Correct ventilation during rest. Its core is designed to store air and allow proper ventilation of the rest equipment.
  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic rest, thanks to the Sanitized treatment of its outer fabric, which protects against mites, bacteria, fungi and bad odors.
  • Textile cover: breathable elastic 190gr./m2. Composition 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Provides differentiation and improves aesthetics, with a soft and pleasant touch.
  • 100% sanforized cotton outer fabric.
  • Inner protective cover made of 100% cotton stretch jersey, with side zipper, washable.
  • Pillow width: 40 cm.
  • Pillow height: 14 cm.

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year warranty on this Triplex latex pillow.
The Pardo latex pillow is from the exclusive catalog of Colchones Aznar manufactured by Pardo .

Latex is a material that generally offers elasticity and softness, although depending on the type of latex used in each pillow model, you can obtain a soft cervical support, or a firm rest.

Latex 100% with micro-perforations
Firmness type
Medium firmness
mattress type
Almohada de látex
Filling material
Espuma de goma
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By on  15 June 2021 (Cervical latex pillow Triplex Brown medium-low firmness) :

Almohada látex cervical pardo

Buenas a todos e comprado esta maravillosa almohada para toda la familia porque es genial sin duda la mejor que yo e probado con las anteriores siempre tenia dolor cervical y desde hace 2 años que la tengo que no e tenido ni un dolor descanso genial la e recomendado a mis amigos y muchos de ellos se la han comprado y estan muy contentos siempre miramos el precio pero os aseguro que lo vale todo el que se la compra se lo piensa mil veces por lo que vale pero una vez que la tienes se alegran de haber comprado esta maravillosa almohada enserio no os arrepentiréis no miréis el precio que el descanso es lo mas importante la recomiendo 100×100

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