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Emma mattresses

Emma mattresses continues to be all the rage in Spain and throughout Eurapa. That is why we present the complete collection of emma mattresses, with its new addition of emma hybrid premium, a pocket spring mattress for warm people who want to enjoy a cool and dry rest. Try your emma mattress for 100 nights for free. And do not forget! If you are looking for emma mattresses, unbeatable price Emma One is the perfect option.

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Rolled mattresses

Colchón Emma 18 cm breathable washable and high firmness

Colchón Emma
€152.73 €218.18
(4,5/5) on 33 rating(s)
Your Emma mattress at a more adjusted price, adapts to your body and your budget , an 18 cm mattress that offers adequate support and comfort, Emma One exceptionally comfortable, is perfect for sleeping as you prefer, face down, face up.
Your Emma mattress at a more adjusted price, adapts to your body and your...
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Rolled mattresses

Colchón Emma 25 cm high comfort the most awarded

Colchón Emma
€206.58 €344.30
(4,7/5) on 71 rating(s)
Elegant, technological and very adaptable. These are the characteristics that define the Colchón Emma , the best-selling mattress in Europe. Its four layers, with an intelligent structure , and its pores allow perfect weight distribution and natural breathability . Discover our mattress sales section .
Elegant, technological and very adaptable. These are the characteristics that...
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€234.77 €426.86
(4/5) on 6 rating(s)
Awesome pack Emma! Get a 25 cm Emma mattress with a viscoelastic Emma pillow at an unimaginable price. Get this award-winning tandem in Europe that will make your rest a real pleasure.
Awesome pack Emma! Get a 25 cm Emma mattress with a viscoelastic Emma pillow...
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Rolled mattresses

Colchón Emma 25 cm fresh pocket springs

Colchón Emma
€247.85 €495.70
(4,7/5) on 24 rating(s)
Emma Hybrid Premium, a sleep technology based on thermoregulatory properties , its High Aeroflex steel springs, allows adequate ventilation of the interior and offers additional reinforcement on the perimeter that helps the sleeper to get up more easily.
Emma Hybrid Premium, a sleep technology based on thermoregulatory properties...
  • -45%
€280.18 €509.42
(3,7/5) on 3 rating(s)
Can you imagine having a mattress, a pillow and a cover for just over 300 euros? This is what you will get by buying the Colchón Emma Pillow and Emma Cover pack. Three products in one with the Emma guarantee seal, the most awarded technology brand in Europe.
Can you imagine having a mattress, a pillow and a cover for just over 300...
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€329.64 €599.34
(4,3/5) on 13 rating(s)
Looking for an Emma mattress without paying a fortune? With this pack you will not only have this technological product but we also offer you two Emma pillows at a more than reasonable price. Are you going to let the opportunity pass?
Looking for an Emma mattress without paying a fortune? With this pack you...
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Mattresses and bases packs

Colchón Emma 25 cm high comfort + wooden folding bed various colors height 34 cm

Colchón Emma
€392.36 €784.71
The wonder made pack! If you want to sleep like angels, you can't give up the complete set with the Colchón Emma and the folding wooden sofa! Discover what it is to rest on another level with this set of products.
The wonder made pack! If you want to sleep like angels, you can't give up the...

(Also, benefits of buying Emma Mattress).

What Emma mattress size are you looking for?

If you need to buy an Emma mattress , check out our selection of best-selling sizes of the Emma brand that we have prepared for you. You will only find the best valued and most cutting-edge mattresses on the market at Colchones Aznar .

Advantages when buying Emma

✓ Emma manufacturer's guarantee with 10 years on her mattresses.

✓ You can try your Emma mattress for up to 100 nights for free.

✓ Best guaranteed discount on your Emma buying it at Colchones Aznar register now .

✓ Money back guarantee on all mattresses.

✓ Mattress deliveries in 48/72 hours to the door of your house.

✓ You can finance your Emma mattress for up to 18 months without interest.

Choose your best Emma mattress

The quality of the mattress is essential to reduce insomnia and back pain and to fall asleep better, rest is essential to enjoy good health. Aznar Mattresses you will find the best models of each category, affordable to your budget. The selection includes budget mattresses, customizable mattresses, and high-end mattresses. Tell us what you need and we will guide you towards the most suitable model for your particular body profile. Constructively, there are mattresses with different levels of firmness, harder or less hard, with greater breathability, with independent areas or ideal beds for sleeping as a couple, of different sizes according to your height, with hygienic protection that takes care of you while you sleep, mattresses designed for places with more environmental humidity, and others. As a company, we have been selling sleeping accessories and systems for more than 40 years. We are official distributors of Pikolin mattresses, Relax Mattresses, Bultex and Astral mattresses, among other important manufacturers.

Why buy Emma Mattresses?

Emma Mattresses are the most recent appearance in the national market for online sales with the concept of "a-mattress-for-everyone". They are the mattresses chosen by consumer organizations in various countries as the best in the last four years. These are mattresses designed in Germany that have exceeded the highest European quality standards.

The structure of the mattress allows the pressure to be optimally distributed by the different layers. Relieves pressure and provides the necessary support to correct posture during sleep. Its Airgocell® foam technology allows the progressive adaptation of the body thanks to its point of elasticity, maintaining its shape for much longer. In combination with the memory foam layer, they provide the mattress with unbeatable ergonomics and comfort. The pores of the fabric of its cover guarantee proper ventilation and breathability. In addition, the material is thermoregulatory to prevent night sweats and bad odours.

What is the quality of Emma Mattresses?

Emma mattresses are of high quality, with a firm and consistent structure that provides the necessary support to the body. The heart of the mattress is high-density that remains in perfect condition despite years of continuous use. This is due to its Memory Foam or memory foam, a polyurethane foam with a special design to achieve the memory effect of the body. That is, it uses the heat of the individual to transform and adapt to the shape of the body. In the process of progressive adaptation, it manages to distribute the pressure of the body throughout the entire layer of foam, as well as in the successive layers.

What is the Original Colchón Emma

It has a medium firmness, good adaptability to the body and is 25 cm high and has a cloud and/or hug sensation. It is made up of 3 different high-density foam layers:

- The innovative Airgocell® foam, developed by Emma, has an open-pore cell structure that allows air to circulate, keeping the mattress cool, even on hot nights. This cape is 4 cm high.

- Viscoelastic memory foam ensures optimal pressure relief and progressively adapts to the shape of the body. This cape is 4 cm high.

- HRX cold foam provides the necessary support and corrects posture when sleeping. This cape is 17 cm high.

How is the Colchón Emma Hybrid Premium Mattress?

This 25 cm high mattress allows air to flow freely through the mattress. This prevents excess heat and humidity. It contains pocket springs, this technology consists of individualized springs in bags with independent movement. Therefore, the movement of each spring does not affect others, giving the mattress a very good independence of beds. This is valued by people who sleep with a partner or who move a lot when sleeping. Also the so-called “bounce effect”. That is, the person will feel a rebound sensation. The Colchón Emma Hybrid Premium Mattress is made up of 5 layers plus a cover.

How is the Colchón Emma One Mattress?

The Emma One is an 18 cm mattress that has been developed to offer classic Emma comfort at the best price, so that everyone can enjoy a good night's rest. It has support and comfort thanks to the distribution of pressure points that offer a restful sleep regardless of sleep position. It adapts to the human body by also including this latest generation Airgocell® foam. It has proven durability and is easy to maintain thanks to its high quality foams. Its breathable cover provides a good climate when sleeping.

How to care for your Emma mattress

Mattresses are not eternal and little by little they lose their qualities. Time causes its materials, technologies and internal mechanisms to deteriorate. After a while, from 5 to 8 years, it must be renewed. Buying a mattress is investing in your health.

The following guidelines will extend the life, construction and material properties of your mattress:

1.- Dress it with a good protective cover.

2.- The bed is a mattress with its base. Choose your mattress along with the most suitable base for the type of mattress you have purchased.

3.- Pass the vacuum cleaner from time to time. It will stay clean.

4.- Air it regularly. It will keep cool and facilitate ventilation of the mattress.

5.- Avoid jumping on the mattress. Always treat it with care.

6.- Turn it over or change its position regularly (with respect to its position on the base). You will avoid deformations.

10 reasons to buy at Colchones Aznar online

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy at Colchones Aznar .

1.- 100% authentic user reviews verified by Google.

2.- Free shipping to mainland Spain and Portugal.

3.- Free transportation and assembly on all products.

4.- Free removal of mattress and used bases.

5.- We have more than 50 years of experience in the rest sector.

6.- We give personalized advice to all clients.

7.- We offer you the best guaranteed price on mattresses and bases. Ask us.

8.- We work with leading brands in mattresses and bases: relax, pikolin , astral-nature...

9.- We finance your purchase for up to 18 months without interest.

10.- You have several ways to pay for your purchase. Also, you will accumulate discount points that you can use in future purchases as money. Thus, your purchase will have a better price when you exchange the points for their equivalent in euros.

Good shopping! And, take advantage of limited time offers.

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