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€60.00 - €945.00
Natural latex mattresses

100% Pardo Alcor latex mattress 22 cm soft and pleasant

€427.55 €503.00
(4,2/5) on 6 rating(s)
It is no coincidence that the Pardo Alcor latex mattress is the best seller in this category. With a very competitive price, it manages to combine firmness, comfort and a soft and pleasant touch thanks to its natural materials. An option that goes perfectly with fixed and articulated bases.
Pocket spring mattresses

Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene

€568.80 €948.00
(4,6/5) on 29 rating(s)
Its own name indicates it. The Gold Relax Mattress is gold in its purest form. Why? For its high firmness, for its visco graphene composition, which provides a pleasant thermal sensation and for its price, adapted to all pockets. Are you looking for freshness, comfort and convenience? Get it!
€754.60 €1,078.00
(4,5/5) on 2 rating(s)
The Bultex Quasar mattress is ventilated as well as stable and pleasant. This feeling of comfort and softness is achieved thanks to the Bultex Comfort core and the Progression Fiber and Memory Foam® padding layer, which provide a natural welcome and act on the most damaged parts of the body.

The mattress is responsible for supporting and accompanying our body during rest. The internal structure of the mattress it must guarantee the balanced support of our weight and adaptation to its shape. Choosing a good mattress it will allow our spine to maintain its natural curvature without muscular tension and without any "sinking".

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