Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses provide adequate firmness. A spring mattress has to meet three objective conditions to guarantee the health of the sleeper: firmness, welcome and hygiene. The different combinations of all the elements (block, shock absorbers, padding and sides) in different models of mattresses will result in a firmness, welcome and hygiene that will provide different sensations to the user during rest.

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Pocket spring mattresses

Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene

€474.00 €948.00
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Its own name indicates it. The Gold Relax Mattress is gold in its purest form. Why? For its high firmness, for its visco graphene composition, which provides a pleasant thermal sensation and for its price, adapted to all pockets. Are you looking for freshness, comfort and convenience? Get it!


(Benefits, qualities and compositions of spring mattresses).

Pocket spring mattresses

This type of mattress is made up of many totally individual cylindrical springs, all of them placed in independent fabric bags that perform their reception function separately and cross-linked by rows of thermo-welded fabric. Pocket spring mattresses provide an optimal anatomical adaptation. This option of springs is more resistant since each spring supports your weight without distributing it to other springs and thus avoiding friction between them.

Normablock spring mattresses

Pikolin's characteristic system, all the mattresses that you find in Colchones Aznar with Normablock technology consist of a structure or block of high-resistance springs to provide 100% adaptability to the body of the sleeper. These spring mattresses are made of a single steel wire from top to bottom for each row of springs. They provide perfect stability and firmness in the lumbar area.

Traditional spring mattresses

The springs of a lifetime, spring mattresses made with traditional technique and advances in state-of-the-art materials. Normally they are mattresses that have double cone-shaped spring structures, to allow a good reception of our body when we lie down on the mattress. You will find this type of springs commonly called as Biconical springs mattresses or Bonell type springs mattresses, both are optimal to get a restful sleep.

How to take care of your mattress

Mattresses are not eternal and little by little they lose their qualities. Time causes its materials, technologies and internal mechanisms to deteriorate. After a while, from 5 to 8 years, you have to renew it. Buying a mattress is investing in your health.

The following guidelines will extend the life, construction and material properties of your mattress:

1.- Dress it with a good protective cover.

2.- The bed is a mattress with its base. Choose your mattress along with the most suitable base for the type of mattress you have purchased.

3.- Pass the vacuum cleaner from time to time. It will keep clean.

4.- Air it regularly. It will keep cool and make it easier to ventilate the mattress.

5.- Avoid jumping on the mattress. Always treat it with care.

6.- Turn it over or change its position regularly (with respect to its position on the base). You will avoid deformations.

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