Memory foam mattresses

The memory foam mattresses quality have a more gradual and slow feel. These have a more progressive reception, which gives them a greater decontracting power. He behavior of a good memory foam mattress It is characterized by these two factors: slow recovery (memory effect) and thermo-reactivity (colder, harder and hotter, softer).

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The Bultex Quasar mattress is ventilated as well as stable and pleasant. This feeling of comfort and softness is achieved thanks to the Bultex Comfort core and the Progression Fiber and Memory Foam® padding layer, which provide a natural welcome and act on the most damaged parts of the body.


(Benefits, qualities and compositions of visco-elastic mattresses).

Benefits of memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are beneficial for rest: because they have excellent adaptability and are very stable. Ideal for sleeping with your partner. They adapt proportionally to the weight of each part of the body.

They are also beneficial for health: Improves blood circulation. It allows the spine and the joints to rest in a natural position, causing minimal stress on muscles and nerves. It avoids the paralysis of possible pain pictures as a consequence of the decrease in contact pressure to the body. Hygienic thanks to its manufacturing certificates and internal ventilation through its cells. More restorative sleep for fewer micro-awakenings thanks to the non-transmission of the couple's movement.

Composition of a memory foam mattress

1. Support: it is the lower part of the mattress and the one that supports our weight, made up of HR foam (with great recovery capacity), being the usual 30-50 Kg / m3.

2. The memory foam core is the part that makes our body adapt perfectly to the mattress, depending on the density that this material contains, we will adapt more or less to the mattress in question.

3. The cover of this type of mattress can be fixed or removable. In high-end mattresses, features such as treatments and latest-generation materials are usually added. Did you know that the viscoelastic material was developed by NASA? If you want more information about memory foam mattresses, do not hesitate to ask us what you need.

What is the best base to place a visco mattress?

The memory foam mattresses in our online store can be placed on any type of mattress base, whether it is an upholstered base, slatted bed base or folding box. Everything will depend on whether you are looking for more flexibility at rest, then choose slatted bed base, if on the contrary you are looking for more firmness, then the best is the upholstered base.

If you have space problems in your room, we recommend our folding couches, designed to store any type of object, you have them made of wood, fabric or leatherette.

The importance of memory foam thickness in the mattress

A mattress with too much memory foam can cause rejection in the first weeks of use (sensation of heat, humidity problems and some difficulty for the night-time rotation of the sleepers). Therefore, these drawbacks are not overcome with more centimeters of memory foam. The combination of quality padding with a moderate layer of memory foam and a good core is a less risky option.

How to take care of your mattress

Mattresses are not eternal and little by little they lose their qualities. Time causes its materials, technologies and internal mechanisms to deteriorate. After a while, from 5 to 8 years, you have to renew it. Buying a mattress is investing in your health.

The following guidelines will extend the life, construction and material properties of your mattress:

1.- Dress it with a good protective cover.

2.- The bed is a mattress with its base. Choose your mattress along with the most suitable base for the type of mattress you have purchased.

3.- Pass the vacuum cleaner from time to time. It will keep clean.

4.- Air it regularly. It will keep cool and make it easier to ventilate the mattress.

5.- Avoid jumping on the mattress. Always treat it with care.

6.- Turn it over or change its position regularly (with respect to its position on the base). You will avoid deformations.

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