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Baby mattresses

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Baby mattresses

Pikolin Nube crib mattress

€135.00 €270.00
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The Pikolin crib mattress is designed to adapt to the different stages of baby's growth . Its hypoallergenic fiber padding allows perfect breathability and ventilation. The Viscofoam® layer together with the Confortcel® core offer the perfect balance between adaptation and firmness that babies need for their correct development.

Dear parents, pediatricians advise that baby mattresses should be firm to reduce the risk of reflux, sudden infant death syndrome and deformities in your back. Did you have evidence of this? Knowingly, mattresses have Aznar crib mattress springs and memory foam especially designed for babies. To facilitate your baby's sleep, the mattress of his crib must be comfortable and adaptable to his weight, thus, it will prevent points of greater pressure or sinking in different parts of his body, especially in his head. Here we show you a selection of the best-selling mattresses and the best offers on baby mattresses from our stores.

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