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A wide selection of top brand folding couches, very resistant and durable, a very good option for storing objects in your home.

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Canapé Abatible madera láminas Oxfort
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Folding bed with breathable sheets Oxfort height 32 cm

The Oxfort slat folding sofa is a guarantee of space saving. With a height, including the lid, of 32 cm, it will allow you to enjoy one more wardrobe in your bedroom. Shipping and assembly included in the price!

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Canape Abatible económico-Blanco
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Wooden folding sofa chep 3D breathable height 34 cm

The Chep wooden folding Canape is the perfect option if you want to save space in the room while spending little money. With a height of 34 cm, lid included, this wooden sofa will allow you to have a space to store coats, duvets, children's stuffed animals. Get it!

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Canapé Abatible láminas blanco Cheap
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Folding sofa bed with breathable chep sheets height 34 cm

The Chep Sheet Folding Canapé stands out for its price and its storage capacity. 34 cm high, including the lid, it provides a good base to rest on as well as an extra, very useful element, where to store what is not needed. Could you ask for more?

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Canapé Abatible Apertura Lateral
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Youth Folding Canapé Side Opening 3D height 36 cm

Ideal for the bedrooms of the smallest of the house, the Folding Youth Bed with Side Opening provides that extra firmness to the mattress in addition to all the benefits of having an extra space to store. Height 36 cm, including lid, in white!

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Canapé Abatible madera 3D blanco
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Relax Hit 3D Folding Canapé large capacity height 34 cm

Relax Folding Canapé is a plus to correctly store everything that you cannot find a space for. Composed of a wooden structure and with a total height of 34 cm (including the lid), it will delight any lover of order.

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Canapé Abatible NaturBox Blanco
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pikolin naturbox folding sofa bed height 32 cm

The Pikolín Naturbox Folding Canapé will become your horizontal closet where you can leave your shoes or bedding. Upholstered with a breathable 3D base, it is a good support to sleep wonderfully. Available at a height of 32 cm with lid and in various colors!

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Pikolin 3D Side Opening...
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Pikolin 3D Side Opening Folding Canapé height 27 cm

The Pikolin Side Opening folding sofa is characterized by its youthful aesthetics. Ideal for the rooms of the little ones in the house, in it you can store all their toys, bedding, etc. With a total height with the lid of 35 cm, get that extra space at home!

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Arcón abatible relax Boheme blanco
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Relax Boheme folding chest large capacity height 38 cm

The Boheme relax wooden folding chest is characterized by its luxury finishes, in leatherette, and by its large storage capacity. Gaining space and harmony in your bedroom is the goal of this excellent chest. Multiply your rest at the best price!

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Canape Abatible Tela Piedra Tokio
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Breathable Tokyo Upholstered Folding Canapé height 34 cm

The Tokio Fabric Folding sofa is perfect to gain comfort, space and harmony in your bedroom. Upholstered in different colors, it allows you to play with the textures and all the decorative elements in your room. A plus of aesthetics and storage at a very good price!

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Pikolin Desing Folding...
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Pikolin Desing Folding Canapé inlaid cover height 34 cm

The Pikolin 3D Wood Desing folding sofa is made of high-quality wooden sheets and a breathable 3D cover. 34 cm high, including the lid, its ample storage capacity, its quality materials and its design make it a perfect option to improve your rest.

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Pikolin folding side sofa...
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Pikolin folding side sofa with embedded cover height 30 cm

The Pikolin Side Opening folding sofa is synonymous with improved storage in the bedroom. With a total height of 36 cm with cape, it is designed to lean against the wall. The right one if you want to save space in a youth room!

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Canapé Abatible con motor Ankara
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Articulated folding sofa with Ankara motor height 34 cm

With the signature of Colchones Aznar , the Ankara electric motor folding sofa is the pinnacle of comfort and adaptability. With an articulated bed, it facilitates the independence of beds and ample storage at a reasonable price. Total height: 34 cm.

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