Side opening canteens

Discover our proposals for side opening canapés, its opening system is perfect for any youth room.

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Canapé Abatible Apertura Lateral
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Youth Folding Canapé Side Opening 3D height 36 cm

Ideal for the bedrooms of the smallest of the house, the Folding Youth Bed with Side Opening provides that extra firmness to the mattress in addition to all the benefits of having an extra space to store. Height 36 cm, including lid, in white!

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Pikolin 3D Side Opening...
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Pikolin 3D Side Opening Folding Canapé height 27 cm

The Pikolin Side Opening folding sofa is characterized by its youthful aesthetics. Ideal for the rooms of the little ones in the house, in it you can store all their toys, bedding, etc. With a total height with the lid of 35 cm, get that extra space at home!

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Pikolin folding side sofa...
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Pikolin folding side sofa with embedded cover height 30 cm

The Pikolin Side Opening folding sofa is synonymous with improved storage in the bedroom. With a total height of 36 cm with cape, it is designed to lean against the wall. The right one if you want to save space in a youth room!

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Canapé Abatible con motor Ankara
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Articulated folding sofa with Ankara motor height 34 cm

With the signature of Colchones Aznar , the Ankara electric motor folding sofa is the pinnacle of comfort and adaptability. With an articulated bed, it facilitates the independence of beds and ample storage at a reasonable price. Total height: 34 cm.

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