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Astral Nature mattresses based in Manresa, was founded in 2009 by the company Astral mattresses Directed by the sons of Jóse Estany. Today they have a commercial network throughout Spain, Europe and Asia, offering high quality mattresses with haute couture finishes and fabrics with the name of Astral Nature mattresses. Your items can only be marketed by Mattresses with extensive experience in the sector. Its two benchmark mattresses are the astral nature bora mattress and astral nature nerva, both made from a careful selection of natural materials such as silk, cotton and cashmere. Luxury materials and unbeatable comfort lead astral mattresses to the best rest opinions from around the world.

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A natural mattress, like the Astral Nature mattressesIts main benefit is that it is manufactured with materials that do not cause allergies of any kind. Therefore, they are healthier than mattresses made with synthetic fibers. Their relationship between the price and the quality they offer is very interesting, you can rest on an astral nature mattress between € 800 and € 1000 in mattresses of a great quality. Buying the astral nature mattresses It benefits us in that its qualities give us:

  • They are less hot.
  • Nature-friendly materials.
  • More durable thanks to its components and spring casing.
  • A healthy and natural comfort.
  • 10-year warranty on all its components.
  • Soft touch and very pleasant to rest.
Pocket spring mattresses

Astral Nature pocket spring mattress 27 cm natural

Astral nature
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The Bora Astral Nature Mattress is refinement and excellence embodied in a mattress. Made of 100% cotton and wool, it takes advantage of natural resources to provide excellent air conditioning and a comfortable welcome. Nature in its purest form!.
The Bora Astral Nature Mattress is refinement and excellence embodied in a...
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