Pillows for sleeping on your stomach

Only 7% of the population sleeps face down. Let's be honest, it is not the most appropriate posture since it generates a lot of stress on the cervical vertebrae. In these cases, the pillow must be very thin and soft.

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Almohada de Fibra New Polipluma
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100% hollow fiber pillow Antiallergic Fiber medium firmness

The Fiber fiber pillow is composed of a 100% hollow fiber core and a 50% cotton fabric that is very pleasant to the touch. Medium firmness.

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Almohada visco-Pikolin
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Pikolin visco pillow hypoallergenic medium firmness

The visco pillow of medium firmness favors a fresh rest. Hypoallergenic pillow thanks to its polyester microfiber covers and very breathable as it has 3D mesh on one side.

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Almohada Emma microfibra
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Emma pillow soft adjustable microfiber low firmness

Emma presents the microfiber pillow, made up of two customizable microfiber layers. Fully washable, adjustable, thermoregulating, soft and light.

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Almohada visco Carbono Plus
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Height and firmness adjustable memory foam Emma pillow

Pillow that adapts perfectly to everyone thanks to the exclusive 3-layer combination. Finally, you can decide which firmness is best for you and which height helps you rest better.

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