Cushion fillings

We have Fillers for your cushion of the best quality, made with a cotton exterior and a silicone polyester interior. An ideal complement for your Nordic or even for your sofa bed.

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Quadrant fiber cushion filling Decorates soft and soft touch

Vacuum packed cushion fillings for quadrants or cushion covers. Made with 100% cotton outer fabric. Padding: 100% Hollow Silicone Polyester.

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From €9.00

Roll pillow hollow fiber cushion silicone down touch

Cylindrical pillow that provides comfort and convenience, increasing the hours of rest. It is incredibly comfortable, thanks to the softness of its fibers and its outer fabric.

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From €14.05

Roller pillow high firmness polyurethane decorative cushion

The cushion rollers are decorative for the style of your bedroom. Choose the ideal fabric and enjoy your new cushion. A complement made to improve the style of your bed.

From €22.99