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Relax mattresses

Relax mattresses. Find your Relax mattress at the best price

Relax mattress manufactures mattresses of all kinds, Springs, Visco, Latex, Foaming ... Experience counts a lot, in Rela mattressesx the main objective is the best rest with the best price, mattresses with the latest technology to get a good night's sleep. Do you want to buy a Relax mattress? Below we have selected the best models from the Relax catalog, mattresses that encompass everything you are looking for to sleep every night.

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€180.00 - €675.00

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HR foam mattresses

Hr visco youth mattress or mattress Relax 2 heights

€192.56 €385.12
(4,3/5) on 3 rating(s)
Relax mattress or mat is added to the cart of those suitable for second homes or rooms for the youngest. With some basic characteristics, its range of foams also opens the door to pleasant rest. Available at an unbeatable price!
Relax mattress or mat is added to the cart of those suitable for second homes...
Rolled mattresses

Pocket spring mattress Relax Rodas 28 cm anti-viral

€306.61 €613.22
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Whether you sleep alone or with someone, the Relax Rodas pocket spring mattress is for you. With the best technology on the market, its pocket spring block, with five different rest areas, provides a smooth movement worth mentioning. Do you want to try it?
Whether you sleep alone or with someone, the Relax Rodas pocket spring...
Pocket spring mattresses

Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene

€352.56 €783.47
(4,6/5) on 30 rating(s)
Its own name indicates it. The Gold Relax Mattress is gold in its purest form. Why? For its high firmness, for its visco graphene composition, which provides a pleasant thermal sensation and for its price, adapted to all pockets. Are you looking for freshness, comfort and convenience? Get it!
Its own name indicates it. The Gold Relax Mattress is gold in its purest...
Natural latex mattresses

100% Iris latex mattress 21 cm articulated and adaptable

€353.72 €707.44
(3,9/5) on 7 rating(s)
With seven different rest areas, the 100% Iris latex mattress combines different densities of this material for the perfect reception of each part of the body. With the eco-label, its padding means that you do not hear even the slightest movement, even if you sleep as a couple.
With seven different rest areas, the 100% Iris latex mattress combines...
€427.68 €950.41
(4,7/5) on 47 rating(s)
With seven rest areas, the Relax Mattress combines high technology, strong sitting and resistance. How do you get it? Thanks to the high quality materials that it incorporates in its padding and its natural fillings. Are you going to let it escape?.
With seven rest areas, the Relax Mattress combines high technology, strong...

Let's make you sleep in a better world .

Advantages when buying a Relax

✓ Manufacturer's guarantee Relax with more than 100 years of history in the sector.

✓ You can try your relax mattress for up to 100 nights thanks to Aznar Mattresses.

✓ Best guaranteed discount on your Relax buying it at Colchones Aznar register now .

✓ Variety of mattress models: pocket springs, visco and latex.

✓ Commitment to quality in all Relax mattresses .

✓ Assembly and removal of the old mattress totally free.

✓ You can finance your relax mattress for up to 18 months without interest.

Why buy relax mattresses?

Relax mattresses are synonymous with comfort, health, innovation and other advantages that will help you rest with great peace of mind and with high guarantees for you and your whole family. The advantages of buying relax mattresses are many, especially in terms of well-being, so in this post we are going to highlight the main ones.

Will I find the relax mattress I am looking for?

The variety of models currently on the market is synonymous with the fact that relaxation mattresses provide solutions for the needs of any person, regardless of their morphological characteristics, lifestyle habits and personal tastes. Thus, we anticipate that it will be easy to find the mattress you are looking for.

The mattress market offers various solutions to try to cover all the existing needs in today's society. Within this condition, relax mattresses is one of the companies that has a wide catalog, with products of various categories, typologies and optimal characteristics for each client.

In practice, the existing stock currently offers mattresses of variable firmness, with a typology that ranges from mattresses of firmness 3 or medium soft, to others of firmness 5 or hard firmness, which are the most demanded by the market in these moments.

Is Relax a trusted brand?

The brand's products are manufactured in what is one of the most modern companies in the sector out of all those that exist throughout the European continent. What is the end result? A wide range of products with the best relation between quality and price . Relax is, today, the third manufacturer in terms of turnover in Spain, in addition to being one of those with the most experience in the market, two issues that are guarantors of the quality and real usefulness of the product.

Are Relax mattresses of quality?

Sleeping is not only synonymous with well-being and rest. Sleep is a process that brings health. Therefore, it is not worth lying down on any type of surface, or on any mattress. Relax products have undergone strict quality controls and provide all the conditions to guarantee the care and well-being of those who rest on them. We recommend its two star mattresses, magnum relax mattress and gold seagull relax mattress .

How is the relaxation after-sales service?

The factory and distribution network, together with the brand's powerful logistics, make this product a guarantee of effectiveness when purchased. Relax Mattresses have numerous delegations distributed throughout the national territory, which is an indicator that guarantees a fast, agile and quality transfer and after-sales service.

Will you help me resolve any questions at the point of sale?

All the processes of manufacturing, sale, delivery and after-sales service of relax mattresses are coordinated by a professional human team , with years of experience and who offer totally personalized attention to the final customer.

The objective of the brand is the total satisfaction and peace of mind of its buyers , which is why we consider it essential that our services include advice to potential customers, so that they resolve their doubts and are fully satisfied with the purchase.

We know that purchasing a mattress is not a daily task and that various factors interfere with the purchase decision, ranging from purely subjective issues to aesthetic values and conditions of well-being.

For this reason, we want to help you throughout the process of acquiring the product and in matters as basic as moving it to the home or, also, in its maintenance advice.

At Relax we take care of people

Good health is essential for a good quality of life. In the hands of companies that manufacture consumer products is, directly and indirectly, to promote optimal health. If our body and mind work properly, we will live longer and better. At Relax contribute from different areas to the care of people, so that we can all perform to the best of our abilities.

Committed to education and training We also rely on these channels to transform and promote change and progress in society. We believe that it is necessary to achieve better levels of social welfare and to raise the cultural conditions of the population, to expand opportunities for young people and, why not, also for those who are not so young.

Building a better world with Relax

At Colchones Relax we wanted to go one step further to ensure that you sleep in a better world. Our change, and the one we want to promote in the sector, is profound and sincere. That is why we have started to work in a different way and we carry out our processes taking into account what is important to us and to many people.

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