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Special mattress section for Overweight people, or who suffer obesity. Our weight is key when choosing a mattress, since we have to determine the resistance that the Pikolin, Relax mattress or the model you choose will withstand. Here you have mattresses for obese people, with the necessary characteristics that will guarantee a good rest. You have a heavy weight? You're a stout person? Here is our selection for you.

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Marte Plus spring mattress...
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Marte Plus spring mattress 24 cm firmness and resistance

The Marte Plus Astral spring mattress is suitable for all members of the family. The combination of high firmness, breathability and robustness provided by its Double-offset springs makes it the best-selling product in hotels. Rest guarantee at your fingertips!

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Colchón Normazone Regium Pikolin
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Regium Pikolin spring mattress 25 cm extra firm firmness

The perfect tandem between modernity and quality. This is the Regium Pikolín spring mattress, your ideal product if you do not want to say goodbye neither to the springs nor to the adaptability and pleasure that memory foam provides. An almost 2x1 with excellent value for money.

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€906.00 -50% From €453.00
Colchón confortcel Pikolin Perseo
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Visco Pikolin Perseo mattress 28 cm three resting areas

With a structure in the shape of a nested bee, the Pikolin Perseo confortcel mattress is made of a Confortcel® Zone core with a Viscofoam® layer, which gives it high resilience and porosity. Are you looking for softness, comfort and breathability? This is your mattress.

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Colchón muelles Boranza 2.0 Pikolin
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Boranza 2.0 Pikolin spring mattress 28 cm extra firmness

The Boranza 2.0 Pikolin spring mattress is Pikolin's hallmark innovation and technology. If you are looking for a resistant and highly firm mattress thanks to its Normablock thread spring system and its various layers of padding, you are facing one of the most outstanding.

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€1,182.00 -55% From €531.90
Colchón Bultex Draco
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Bultex Draco 26 cm memory foam mattress high firmness

The Bultex Draco mattress provides a good feeling of firmness as well as a gradual reception thanks to the Bultex ® foam and the Bultex Nanotech. Its most outstanding features? High technology, correct ventilation and high independence of beds.

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€782.00 -30% From €547.40
Colchón Magnum Relax muelles ensacados
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Magnum Relax pocket spring mattress 32 cm high quality

With seven rest areas, the Magnum Relax Mattress combines high technology, strong sitting and resistance. How do you get it? Thanks to the high quality materials that it incorporates in its padding and its natural fillings. Are you going to let it escape?.

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€1,127.72 -50% From €563.86
Colchón Bultex Casiopea
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Bultex Casiopea 26 cm memory foam mattress soft firmness

Belonging to the Elite series by Bultex , the Bultex Casiopea mattress has various types of Bultex ® and Memory Foam foam, which allows it to act on the most damaging areas of the body. With an enviable aesthetic, with it you will not want the alarm clock to ring.

€912.00 -30% From €638.40
Colchón de muelles ensacados Pikolin Atenea
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Pikolin Atenea 30 cm pocket spring mattress adaptable

The Pikolín Atenea pocket spring mattress is made to rest like a god. Combining several layers of padding and Adapt-tech technology, you find yourself in front of a high-end mattress. The ideal one if for you rest is more than a priority!

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€1,381.00 -50% From €690.50