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Cama eléctrica 5 planos Cool Pardo somier motorizado

Electric bed 5 planes Pardo Cool (motorized bed base)

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The Cool bed by Pardo offers excellent features including quality and avant-garde design. A robust and very quiet bed, ideal for resting peacefully in your home. It articulates 5 planes, supports a weight of up to 120 kg and incorporates a motorized bed base.

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Articulated bed pardo

The queen of articulated beds , a commitment to minimalist design without giving up the best sleep technologies. This model of Pardo motorized bed base is made of reinforced steel with the 5 upholstered and padded planes to offer a greater welcome and breathability to the sleeper.

Very quiet, a large part of the R&D study of this product has been dedicated to the selection of a motor that does not make noise, that is resistant and has a replacement battery in case of power outages.
High resistance upholstered base , long useful life, great adaptability and very good ventilation. If the goal is an investment in Quality of rest and you have physical problems sleeping at night, try this articulated bed TODAY! We spend more than 1/3 of our lives sleeping, your rest is not silly, it is a long-term investment.

It is advisable to raise the legs between 10 and 15 cm above the level of the heart. The recommended optimal frequency is three or four times a day for 15 minutes. This simple tip will help you activate capillary circulation and thereby relieve the feeling of heaviness and pain in your legs.

Benefits of the Cool Pardo bed

  • Greater adaptability to any mattress, thanks to its 5-plane articulation system.
  • Lumbar area reinforced with firmness regulators.
  • Correct resistance and support of the mattress due to its metal frame and the non-slip rod that it incorporates.
  • Great comfort due to its electric articulation through a wired control. This control allows the independent or joint operation of the headboard and footboard in individual measurements and a single articulation of the headboard and footboard in double sizes.
  • Silent rest due to its high suspension rubber ball joints.
  • Anti-slip treatment on the sheets for a better grip on the mattress.
  • Supports up to 120 kg. of weight.
  • The articulation of this bed base must always be made from a completely flat position and with the sleeper lying on the mattress. Never sit on already articulated parts.

General characteristics of this electric bed

  • Double electronic motor, compact and soundproof, low voltage (24 Vdc), with battery for lowering the bed in case of power failure.
  • 1.5 mm metal frames and epoxy painted with anticorrosive treatment, oven dried, highly durable and finished in gray.
  • Upholstered with superelastic textile, with DESYFRESH shock absorber, open pore, on MDF board, with ventilation holes.
  • Steel tube with a minimum thickness between 1.5 and 2 mm. Finished in textured gray epoxy paint. High resistance to impact and unbeatable durability and maintenance. Polyamide hinge elements (guarantee smooth operation and do not produce noise).
  • 5 articulation planes and a state-of-the-art electric lift, with a wired control from which the head and foot area can be operated together, or each of the parts independently. In marriage measures, both beds are articulated in a synchronized way.
  • Have an emergency battery in case of power failure.
  • Metal legs specially designed to support heavy weights.

Measurements of the bed of 5 planes Cool by Pardo

  • Height of the bed base without legs and with motor: 13 cm
  • Total height with legs included: 35 cm

In the matching beds, the connecting plate is included to unify the beds.

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers you a 2-year guarantee on this cool pardo
The cool articulated bed base is from the exclusive range of Aznar Mattresses manufactured by Pardo .

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Somier articulado
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