Colchón de cuna viscoelastico Jiraff

Jiraff memory foam crib mattress

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This memory foam mattress is specially designed for use in baby cribs . The core of the Jiraff crib mattress is made up of Aquapur foam and two layers of Innogel® visco that make it two stages.

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The best crib mattress for your baby

The core of the Jiraff crib mattress is made up of Aquapur foam and two layers of Innogel® visco that make it a two-stage mattress , one of softer profiled visco for the first months that helps reduce the risk of plagiocephaly and another of finer and firmer visco that favors proper bone formation. In addition, around it there is a perimeter security frame that keeps the baby in the center of the mattress. All this is wrapped in an internal protective mesh, preventing the child from having access to the nucleus. A perfect mattress for the youngest of the house.

The little ones need a good surface that helps them rest and favors their physical and intellectual development.

Benefits of the Jiraff mattress

The Jiraff mattress is perfect for a crib and is designed to protect the baby and promote sleep during much of its growth. In addition, it is removable and, therefore, its cover completely washable. It is made up of two types of fabrics: Stretch fabric for the first stage and Air Fresh 3D fabric for the second. Everything is thought to make this baby mattress a great choice.

HR Aquapur® is a foam specially created by My Baby Mattress designed for babies. It is made up of thousands of micro-pores that promote air circulation inside the mattress, guaranteeing extraordinary climate regulation and unique comfort. The memory foam, for its part, adapts to the baby's body, relieving its pressures and reducing its agitation during sleep. Innogel® contains a high degree of high-density gel particles that delay the absorption of heat, creating an optimal rest environment, as it evacuates moisture and maintains an adequate degree of oxygenation.

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year guarantee on this mattress for babies.
The baby mattress is from the exclusive range of Aznar Mattresses manufactured by My Baby Mattress .

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Colchón viscoelástico
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By on  12 Aug. 2016 (Jiraff memory foam crib mattress) :

Colchon de cuna Jiraff

EL servicio y la entrega genial. El colchón cumple con nuestras expectativas aunque todavía no lo hemos usado ya que nuestro hijo nacerá a finales de septiembre
Un saludo

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