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The Emma mattress obtained the best score in the most demanding European tests.

After a long phase of research and development, the Emma Original mattress was finally born. Thanks to its 3 high-density foams combined in its 25 cm thick, and the latest in German innovation applied to rest, the Emma Original offers you superior comfort during rest. For a reason it is the most awarded mattress in Europe. Getting out of bed will be even more difficult. What are you waiting to try it?

The perfect break from A to ZzZ

100 Trial Nights.

A new mattress is a significant investment. Try it quietly at home for 100 nights without obligation.

10 Years Warranty.

Our Colchón Emma offers maximum durability accompanied by a 10-year laboratory-tested warranty. All the benefits for a unique product that does not lose value from year to year.

Free shipping and returns

Direct delivery to the door of your house totally free. Also applicable for returns.

An adaptable mattress with superior comfort, optimal rest

Emma Original mattress. What makes this mattress so special is its careful aesthetics, its high-quality materials capable of adapting to most physiognomies, up to 130 kg, and its very fast delivery service, which allows you to be able to enjoy the mattress of the size you need at home.

Colchón emma
Mattress firmness75%
Mattress adaptability95%
Mattress perspiration85%

✓ Support for the column.

The structure of the mattress allows the pressure to be optimally distributed over the different layers. Relieves pressure and provides the necessary support to correct posture during sleep.

✓ Adaptability

The cutting-edge technology of the Airgocell® foam allows the progressive adaptation of the body thanks to its point of elasticity. In combination with the memory foam layer, they provide the mattress with unbeatable ergonomics and comfort.

✓ Thermoregulator

The pores in the fabric of its cover guarantee proper ventilation and breathability. In addition, the material is thermoregulatory to avoid night sweats and bad odors.

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The perfect mattress for everyone

  • Adults : Our mattress is designed for people of adulthood who are looking for an optimal and adaptable rest with the best quality. This mattress is totally ergonomic, providing great naturalness avoiding weightlessness, unlike other high-end mattresses on the market.
  • Children : This mattress is designed to adjust to the body of each individual so that a soft and ideal rest is obtained, therefore it is also perfect for children. For babies under 2 years we recommend a firmer mattress.
  • Older than 65 years : Older people usually require specific needs for their rest. Our mattress has maximum ergonomics and back care due to the pressure regulating foam layers.
  • Ailments : The degree of flexibility and adaptability of the mattress is available for people with lumbar, muscular, bone or cervical ailments. The cavities designed in the foam allow the spine to rest optimally.
  • Overweight : Overweight people often request high-firm mattresses. Although our mattress is of medium firmness, it is very stable since it is designed to support a weight of more than 130kg per side.
  • Allergies : The Emma mattress has been treated with the most demanding hygienic methods. In addition, the factory materials are of high quality, healthy and respectful with the planet; providing the OEKO TEX certificate.
  • Articulated : The Emma mattress is recommended for any articulated bed base thanks to its great elasticity. Supports a tilt of up to 45 degrees.

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Frequent questions

Where can i try the original emma mattress?

Choosing a mattress that is according to your needs and tastes is crucial to enjoy a good rest. Visiting our stores gives you the possibility to test your Emma mattress and answer your questions. However, buying a mattress in a physical store is neither better nor worse than buying it online, it all depends on your lifestyle, preferences and, above all, the time you have available. It is important that you know that whether you buy it in a physical store or online you will have 100 nights to test your mattress in the comfort of your home.

What's the best way to test a mattress in a store?

When visiting a Colchones Aznar store we recommend that you have a clear idea of what type of mattress you want, what size is the most appropriate for your space and / or base, and of course, your budget. The best thing is that you make a list with all the qualities you are looking for in a mattress and what are your greatest needs. Do not forget to prepare all your questions and doubts so that our expert can solve them and help you. Finally, if you sleep with someone, it is better that you come with that person since an optimal distribution of weight is important when sleeping. In this way, the two of you can test the mattress and be sure that you will both have a good rest.

Can I buy an Emma at a Colchones Aznar store and have it delivered to my home?

Of course! If you buy an Emma Original in a physical store of Colchones Aznar , but you want to receive it at your home, you simply have to tell the seller your delivery address. Delivery times are different depending on the product, we recommend that you check it in the store, or on the page of each product.

How can I return an Emma product and who is responsible for reimbursing me?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Emma and wish to return it, you should contact Colchones Aznar before the 100-night trial. Our staff will take note of your return and we will proceed with the collection (if it is a mattress, sofa or base), or with the sending of labels (if the product to be returned is an accessory). As soon as we receive the confirmation of collection or return of the accessory, we will notify the distributor so that they can make your refund.

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