Special mattress for heavy people


Created to prevent and help those who suffer from back pain.

A mattress created for those who seek to prevent back pain, and also to improve the lives of those who already suffer from it. It is made up of ergonomic zones that allow the surface of the mattress to be adapted to the body for complete rest. We provide the curvature of the back with specific support so that each part of the spine rests properly and thus facilitate decompression between the intervertebral discs. Promotes muscle relaxation and improve blood circulation.


A firm mattress that will help improve the lives of those who suffer from back problems.

Green Therapy mattress. With the best combination of materials on the market together with the latest technology focused on rest and well-being. Let yourself be pampered by this mattress that cares for your spine's posture throughout the night, offering perfect support and firmness.

quality mattress
mattress firmness97%
Mattress adaptability85%
Mattress perspiration97%

✓ Support for the column.

The intelligent structure of the GREEN THERAPY mattress with 3 cm of memory foam relieves pressure and adapts to your body, giving you a total feeling of well-being. It recovers quickly so it facilitates movements and that improves the quality of rest.

✓ Firmness

The latest technology of micro pocket springs exceeds the ergonomic and aeration qualities of all its predecessors, the maximum adaptation to the body thanks to the greater number of independent nano springs that cover the surface of the mattress, which can be considered the best available. resting surface. (1200 springs).

✓ Breathability

The correct ventilation of the materials thanks to the pores of the fabric prevent wear, odors and night sweats. The thermoregulatory material promotes a prolonged sleep.

Customer reviews Green Therapy Mattress

customer reviews

4.6 note | 11 reviews

100 Trial Nights.

A new mattress is a major investment. Try it quietly at home for 100 nights without obligation.

3 Years Warranty.

Our Green Therapy Mattress offers maximum durability accompanied by a 3-year laboratory-tested guarantee. All the benefits for a unique product that does not lose value from year to year.

Free shipping and returns

Direct delivery to your door totally free. Also applicable for returns.


ergonomic effect

Ergonomic design

An ergonomic mattress aims to provide you with perfect support to prevent you from waking up during the night.

Soft and cool fabric

Softness in its padding

BioFoam HR Xtra Firm 16 cm of 40Kg m/3 that ensures perfect anatomical support, which allows you to stay longer in the optimal phase of rest.

bed independence

avoid movements

It offers a resistance proportional to the pressure exerted by the different parts of the body. Due to this response, it is especially suitable for beds shared by people of different weights.

zipper cover

zipper cover

Stretch Quality fabric with Viscose with a pleasant touch and excellent quality and resistance, with a high grammage and a body with excellent elasticity, facilitating the best adaptation to the body.


  • Adults : Our Green Therapy mattress is designed for adults who are looking for a firm rest and take care of their back. This mattress is highly recommended, providing a great alignment of the back, keeping all areas in optimal rest.
  • Ailments : The degree of firmness and adaptability of the mattress is designed for people with lumbar, muscular, bone, cervical and back ailments. The cavities designed in the foam and microsprings allow the spine to rest optimally.
  • Articulated : The Green Therapy mattress is recommended for any articulated bed base thanks to its internal composition. Supports a tilt of up to 45 degrees.


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