Colchón especial para gente pesada

Mattress for XXL people

There is a clear relationship between being overweight and having trouble sleeping.

Excess weight makes it more difficult for muscles to oxygenate, bone and joint problems are generated, and sweating is triggered. We offer you a solution so that you can enjoy a mattress suitable for your body weight. It is not just about making sturdy mattresses, but about giving you a good night's sleep. Offer you an adaptable support that alleviates the contact of your muscles with the surface. Our product is also designed to prevent sweating, improving overall breathability and promoting internal ventilation. For the elaboration of the XXL mattress, the opinions of professionals have been taken into account; physiotherapists and tests carried out on people with weights above the average. Finally, a mattress designed for you.


A resistant and comfortable mattress that adapts to your body weight to get a comfortable rest.

A comfortable solution to be able to enjoy the right mattress for your body weight, so you can rest just as well alone or with your partner. It is not just that your body rests on a resistant mattress, and does not sink, but also to promote a restful rest on a firm mattress, which offers you good support.

Colchón especial para gente obesa


Mattress firmness85%
Mattress adaptability75%
Mattress breathability92%

✓ Support

You will see that the structure of the ZIP mattress is resistant thanks to its special pocket spring casing, it distributes the weights of each sleeper, facilitating rest and increasing its durability. A feeling of high firmness that will stay that way throughout the rest.

✓ Adaptable

A restful sleep that adapts to the weight of each sleeper. Its top layer offers minimal adaptability to reduce pressures without excessive reception.

✓ Freshness

It will help you regulate body temperature, and thus improve blood circulation.

100 Trial Nights.

A new mattress is a significant investment. Try it quietly at home for 100 nights without obligation.

3 Years Warranty.

Our ZIP mattress offers maximum durability accompanied by a 3-year laboratory-tested warranty. All the benefits for a unique product that does not lose value from year to year.

Free shipping and returns

Direct delivery to the door of your house totally free. Also applicable for returns.


When we look for a mattress, we must take into account 6 fundamental premises:

✓ A mattress that is comfortable to help you rest.

✓ That it adapts to my needs and guarantees health.

✓ Height is important since a greater force will be applied to the mattress.

✓ The firmness must be high to avoid sinking problems.

✓ The perimeter of the mattress must be resistant to avoid deformation when we are sitting.

✓ And finally that it is breathable to avoid dampness and sweating.

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