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Colchón solidario-ayuda a los niños


With the purchase of this mattress you will help children with cancer.

For the third consecutive year and after the success of the previous campaign, Colchones Aznar , the leading rest company in Aragon, presents El Colchón Solidario. An initiative in which Colchones Aznar will donate a part of the profits obtained from the sale of said product to the Association that serves children with cancer in Aragon ( ASPANOA ), which supports their families and promotes research against childhood cancer in the Aragonese Community. A mattress created for all those who are looking for a quality mattress and also want to help improve the quality of life of the little ones and support their families.


Mattress with protective effects for health and hygiene

It has a fabric with antiviral properties, it is the result of the development of textile technology and biotechnology. This antiviral mattress is capable of reducing the number of infectious virus particles that come into contact with its surface. This product is certified that the textile composition of this solidarity mattress has been treated with Sanitized® additives that can reduce viral load by up to 99%.

Colchón muelles solidario


Mattress firmness75%
Mattress adaptability60%
Mattress breathability70%

✓ Support for the column.

The interior of the mattress is made up of pocket springs that provide the inner core of the mattress with three differentiated rest areas, which adapt to the main pressure areas of the body (head, shoulders and feet).

✓ Firmness

Solidario is a mattress that is characterized by greater firmness thanks to its interior composition. It combines 2 cm of memory foam and springs that allow greater firmness, high resilience with a pressure reduction effect thanks to its memory foam.

✓ Breathability

The correct ventilation of the materials thanks to the pores of the fabric prevent wear, odors and night sweats. Thermoregulatory material promotes long sleep.

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100 Trial Nights.

A new mattress is a significant investment. Try it quietly at home for 100 nights without obligation.

3 Years Warranty.

Our Solidarity Mattress offers maximum durability accompanied by a 3-year laboratory-tested warranty. All the benefits for a unique product that does not lose value from year to year.

Free shipping and returns

Direct delivery to the door of your house totally free. Also applicable for returns.

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