Horizontal and Vertical folding beds, you choose

If you are looking for a bed for a small space or a larger one if your bedroom is spacious, if you prefer it to be a folding sofa or upholstered base, you can find it at Be surprised with the types of bed that you can find for that space at home. Don't miss the latest news of the year.

The Bed is perfect to change the look of the bedroom. Time to renew your bed? Either because yours has already completed its cycle or because you simply want to change it, at you find the widest variety of beds. Surprise yourself with the best double beds, trundle beds for your children, beds with headboards and many more, because everything you need for a perfect rest is just one click away .

Bed types and advantages

Folding beds

Highly recommended for rooms with little space. Available with front or side opening. Current and stylish designs.


✓ We set up the couch for you at home.

✓ With hydraulic system it opens almost effortlessly.

✓ You can store inside from any angle.

✓ It has no legs, it goes directly to the ground.

✓ They are totally airtight canapes.

✓ Avoid dust inside.

✓ Handles for opening.

✓ Available in different colors.

Upholstered Beds

Stylish, functional beds that ensure maximum sleeping comfort. Some incorporate a headboard into their structure.


✓ Timeless Scandinavian design

✓ Ergonomic and optional headboard

✓ Free shipping in 5-7 business days.

✓ Robust structure.

✓ Compact and functional beds.

✓ Adaptable to small spaces.

✓ For all tastes.

✓ Easy dry cleaning.

Base Beds

The upholstered bases provide an extra firmness to our mattresses, especially if we come from the laminated bed base. Now with various colors and finishes.


✓ We assemble it at home.

✓ Easy screw mounting.

✓ Free shipping in 5-7 business days.

✓ Very resistant in steel.

✓ Good breathability.

✓ 2 years warranty.

✓ Very quality / price ratio.

✓ Available in different colors.

More beds that adapt to you

Articulated beds

Articulated beds are much more than comfort, since they allow you to enjoy numerous positions while maintaining the correct posture at all times.


✓ We make your bed at home.

✓ Bed base with 5 planes and 4 joints.

✓ Free shipping in 5-7 business days.

✓ Good support for the whole body.

✓ Powerful engine.

✓ 2 years warranty.

✓ Very quality / price ratio.

✓ Various models and finishes.

Juvenile nest beds

Taking advantage of the maximum space in a room is essential, so if you have several children the best option is undoubtedly to opt for a trundle bed to offer the greatest comforts to children.


✓ We make your bed at home.

✓ Variety of colors and upholstery.

✓ Free shipping in 5-10 business days.

✓ Very resistant.

✓ Unique and different design.

✓ 2 years warranty.

✓ Very quality / price ratio.

✓ Best quality price.

Do you need help choosing your bed?

If you are looking for a particular bed model and cannot find it in our online store, you can ask us about our special upholstered beds catalogs. We have a wide range of beds, bed frames, benches and much more. Ask without obligation for WHATAPP or through the form.

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