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Air-Plus Tempo rolled visco mattress
Air-Plus Tempo rolled visco mattress

Original Lomonaco comfort mattress, firmness at a soft price

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The Original mattress offers you all the comfort of LOMONACO at a soft price. A studied interior design guarantees comfort, firmness and a good temperature.

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Mattress for any bed

The Original mattress from Colchones Lomonaco has an excellent value for money . Its HR core (a new generation of foams, which serve as the basis for mattresses), provides our rest with high ergonomics, which allows the mattress to accompany our movements during rest.
Firm mattress, but elastic that allows a perfect adaptation to our body. If you want an economical mattress from Lomonaco , firm and ergonomic , this is your product.

Un estudiado diseño interior garantiza confort, firmeza y una buena temperatura.

High Resilience Foam 40 mm+ High Resilience Foam 160 mm, Comfort latex 10 mm

Sensations of the Original Lomonaco mattress

Firmness 70% 70% complete (successful)
Adaptability 55% 55% complete (successful)
Perspiration 50% 50% complete (successful)

The Original mattress provides firm support to prevent back pain upon waking. Due to its reasonable weight, the Original mattress can be easily handled. It is compatible with any type of base

Benefits of the Lomonaco Original Mattress

High Resilience Foam 40 mm + High Resilience Foam 160 mm firmness, composed of a high-resistance polyurethane HR that is made up of microcells that allow air to pass through, providing high adaptability and breathability.
memory foam.jpg Latex Layer: They adapt naturally to your body. Manufactured with natural components, allowing its use by allergic people.
It offers maximum firmness and resistance to the weight of the sleepers.
Helps sleeper perspiration, so it is highly recommended for those with perspiration problems.
This padding has a uniform design with little relief for maximum comfort during rest.
The outer fabric of this mattress is Stretch, breathable and soft to the touch, which provides comfort and facilitates rest.
Mattress treatments eliminate and prevent mites; It is incorporated into the padded covers, as a filter, eliminating mites on first contact.
Measurements: 24 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

Product manufactured in Spain, under ISO-9001:2000 regulations
mattress warranty Aznar Mattresses offers you a 10-year guarantee on this Original mattress.
The Original Lomonaco mattress is from the exclusive range of Colchones Aznar .

The core of this mattress is made in one piece in any size. This guarantees a correct comfortability of the product. This mattress is only one sided. So you just have to turn it clockwise.

HR foaming
Closed, with outer trim
Bed independence
Recommended base
Folding sofa beds, upholstered bases, bed bases.
Outer fabric
1 side
10 años
49 Items

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