Pocket spring mattress Relax Orquidea 31 cm adaptable + Folding Canapé Relax 3D large capacity height 34 cm

Get this great Relax Mattress savings pack! Get the Relax Orquidea pocket spring mattress, with a firmness and ideal adaptability for any sleeper, and a folding wooden sofa to maximize space in your bedroom.

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A set of a relax pocket spring mattress and a quality folding sofa

Advantages of the Orquidea Relax Pocket Springs Mattress

The Orquiedea mattress from Relax Brand combines the breathability and resistance of pocket springs (3 rest areas different heights and resistances) with the adaptability of the viscoelastic. The closest thing to memory foam mattresses you will see in Spring Mattresses. Two mattresses in one, it has the strengths of the springs and the benefits of Visco. The upper part of the core is composed of 3 cm of viscoGel that provide great adaptation to resting with pressure reduction and 2.5 cm of supersoft that guarantees a soft and gradual reception. Soft intermediate firmness and excellent adaptability.

  1. Very independent and silent rest.
  2. Insac Infinity 3 zone casing: Almost 500 springs in measure 150x190 cm.
  3. Disperses heat thanks to visco graphene on one side only.
  4. High quality stretch fabric with an extra soft touch.
  5. Great comfort and adaptability.
  6. Visco-Gel reacts to body heat, being highly adaptable as well as helping to dissipate heat, which gives it its air conditioning property.
  7. The softness and ventilation of its two different layers of Tecnocel also stand out, which make it comfortable and breathable.
  8. Total mattress height: 31 cm (+/- 3 cm).

Advantages of the Relax wooden Canapé

An extra storage space for the bedroom that is also an excellent base for rest to which it will provide extra strength. The couch Hit of Relax Mattresses is made with a structure of wooden modules covered in melamine with 3D fabric on the top. In sizes 90, 105, 135 and 150, the sofa is whole.

  1. Opening: front
  2. Lid: 3D fabric
  3. Wooden drawer: various colors
  4. Total height: 35 cm
  5. Profile frame: 22 cm
  6. Inner drawer height: 25 cm
  7. Total height: 34 cm (+/- 3 cm).

Total height of the mattress and folding

  1. 65 cm (+/- 3 cm).

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Garantía del colchón Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year warranty on this set of Orquidea spring mattress Y folding sofa.
The set of Orquidea Relax mattress Y folding sofa is from the exclusive range of Colchones Aznar manufactured by Relax.