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Pack Youth Hr Mattresses 18 cm medium firmness + Upper and lower nest bed set height 35 cm

Pack Youth Hr Mattresses 18 cm medium firmness + Upper and lower nest bed set height 35 cm

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Are you looking to improve the rest of the smallest of the house? Get this pack of youth Hr mattresses plus a Nido Kangaroo with a medium firmness. Stability and comfort at a good price!

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This bed base will offer you a comfortable rest thanks to the flexibility offered by its slat system. In addition, you can purchase the complete kangaroo, or any of the parts that make it up independently.
The nest kangaroos ( nest bed ), are highly demanded for youth rooms , ideal to have an extra bed for guests or family.
Do you have visitors at home? a perfect solution that does not take up space for impromptu visits. That the dwarf of the house wants a friend to come to sleep? This Nest bed will allow you to sleep together in the same room and rest after a day of sports and games.
The Splash youth mattress is a model specially developed for the rooms of the smallest house or guests. It offers a firm but highly ergonomic rest thanks to its hr core.
They are suitable for sofa beds, trundle beds, or any other auxiliary bed.
In stages of growth, a good mattress marks the quality of sleep of the little ones in the house.

Bet on a quality mattress and base! Pack Mattress + Trundle Bed

Toy mattress sensations

Firmness 80% 80% complete (successful)
Adaptability 50% 50% complete (successful)
Perspiration 50% 50% complete (successful)

Why is this Youth Mattress?

HR core with a density of 30 kg/m3, functioning as a support.
The upper and lower face of the mattress is padded with a uniform design and little relief so that the sleeper has maximum comfort during rest.
Correct position of the spine due to its viscoelastic properties, which reduce pressure points.
Correct independence of beds: If you sleep as a couple, the movements of the other sleeper will be minimized, achieving a relaxed rest.
Hygienic and anti-allergic mattress, thanks to the treatment, which acts against mites, bacteria and microorganisms that form in the mattress over time.
The outer fabric of this mattress is high-quality Stretch, breathable and soft to the touch, providing comfort and really facilitating rest.
The Splash mattress has both sides with natural fibers. that covers the specific suspension needs of each body, composed of 80% jute and 20% polypropylene (to form the jute support). It does not contain any type of recycled waste in its composition.
Measurements: 18 cm high. (+/- 3 cm).

IMPORTANT: The price of the Youth Pack includes (Mattress on the top) (Mattress on the bottom) and the White Nest bed. We remind you that all prices are with Shipping and Assembly included.

Who is this Youth Pack for?

  • You are looking for a breathable mattress with good reception for the most moved of the house.
  • You need a mattress that facilitates the correct position of the back in stages of growth. - Youth rooms.
  • Guest rooms.
  • People interested in trundle beds with good value for money.
  • High firmness beds to facilitate rest.

Product manufactured in Spain, under ISO-9001:2000 regulations
mattress warranty Aznar Mattresses offers a 2-year guarantee on this mattress.
The trundle bed is from the exclusive range of Mattresses Aznar manufactured by Relax .

HR foaming
Closed, with outer trim
Bed independence
Turn and flip
2 faces
3 años
Thermal sensation
mattress type
Colchón y Base
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