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Mariposa cervical pillow

Butterfly visco cervical pillow 4 optimal rest zones

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The special design of the butterfly cervical pillow provides breathing space and an ergonomic sleeping position.

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Restful sleep for side sleepers

Viscoelastic Butterfly Pillow, is an exclusive design pillow with four butterfly-shaped rest areas, and unequal heights that allow a tailor-made choice of rest depending on the desire or need of the moment. Its comfort zones are perfectly coupled to the lateral rest position, where the shoulder and neck are perfectly coupled, or in the central part for a traditional rest.

Benefits of the cervical butterfly pillow.

  • Viscoelastic cervical pillow for side sleeping.
  • Prevents neck pain, back pain and snoring.
  • It has an indentation for the arm and allows a natural sleeping position by aligning the head, neck and spine.
  • Viscoelastic memory foam adapts to your sleeping position and returns the pillow to its original position over and over again.
  • The pillow is soft and provides optimal support for the neck and cervical spine. Pillows for cervical problems.
  • The ventilation channels incorporated in the pillow, which transport excess liquid, guarantee a pleasant air circulation and allow the pillow to be breathable.

Characteristics of the cervical butterfly pillow.

  • 4 differentiated comfort zones with slight differences in height.
  • Perfect ergonomics for a lateral rest.
  • Perforated core for maximum softness and flexibility.
  • Thermal control with exclusive aeration system.
  • Soft and resistant heavyweight fabric.
  • Inner cover: 100% elastic Pes.
  • Outer cover: 2% Elastomer / 98% Pes.
  • Measurement: 58cm x 46.5cm x 12.50cm

mattress warranty Aznar Mattresses offers a 2-year warranty on the Memory Foam cervical pillows for Side Sleeping.
The ergonomic and orthopedic Butterfly pillow is from the exclusive range of Colchones Aznar .

Firmness type
Medium firmness
mattress type
Almohada cervical
Filling material
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By on  19 July 2022 (Butterfly visco cervical pillow 4 optimal rest zones) :



By on  17 March 2022 (Butterfly visco cervical pillow 4 optimal rest zones) :
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By on  17 Sept. 2021 (Butterfly visco cervical pillow 4 optimal rest zones) :

Buena Compra

Es una buena almohada se adapta perfectamente y descansas muy bien.

By on  21 May 2021 (Butterfly visco cervical pillow 4 optimal rest zones) :



By on  06 Dec. 2020 (Butterfly visco cervical pillow 4 optimal rest zones) :

buena almohada

Llevaba tiempo buscando una almohada para dormir boca abajo, y esta me esta funcionando muy bien. Al tener esa forma , me queda la boca y nariz fuera para poder respirar bien. La única pega es que tengo que encontrar una funda que se adapte bien a su forma.

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