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Colchón Sensair Relax

Sensair Triumph Contact Relax

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With a three-layer interior, the Sensair Triumph Contact Relax mattress makes you enter a state of total relaxation thanks to the perfect combination of its welcoming and supportive components. The one indicated for the hot, those who suffer from lumbar or those who want to sleep like in a cloud.

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A 100% VISCO Mattress

Sensair Triumph Contact Mattress by Relax is a Visco and HR mattress from the new Sensair range of Relax Mattresses. We can simply define this new line of technologies as another dimension in the world of rest.
The Triumph Contact Relax is made with the three-layer core, what does that mean? 3 layers strategically arranged for a better reception, One Layer of High Density Hr between two layers of High Density Visco Gel.
The new King of sleeper ergonomics.
A sensation of adaptation and progressive comfort with its 7 nuclei that go to the head, neck, dorsal, lumbar, sacrum, knees and feet.
Do you want us to be even clearer? A Mattress with the best of Visco and Foaming, perfect for people who do not sleep well at night, who move a lot and highly recommended for you, if you have lumbar, muscle or joint ailments. (Perfect for articulated beds).
Breathable, soft and without pressure in the most sensitive areas of our body, a mattress that will take care of you at night.
THIS MATTRESS IS FOR YOU IF: You are looking for a mattress for the next 7-8 years.
Relax Sensair Triumph Contact with a three-layer interior divided into 7 comfort zones to adapt to the body anatomy of each person, providing maximum ergonomics.
Cloud sensation, with a progressive reception of the body so that rest is optimal by not exerting any pressure point on the critical areas of the body, relieving muscular tension.
Its materials do not give off heat, providing the right temperature for rest, thanks to its interior aeration system.
Very pleasant to the touch, due to the extra softness of its fabric.
Hygienic and removable.
Its cover, usable on both sides, can be dry cleaned.
Maximum breathability facilitated by the interior three-dimensional fabric.
It can be flipped since both faces have the same characteristics. It also comes with handles for easy handling. Like all our products, it is free of harmful substances in its preparation and has antibacterial and antifungal treatments.

Triumph es el núcleo tricapa, con máxima ergonomía progresiva y 7 zonas de confort que cuidan de tu cuerpo.

3 layers of the TRIUMPH Core: 7 cm Visco Gel + 9 cm HR + 7 cm Visco Gel.

Triumph Contact Relax

Triumph is the three-layer core , with maximum progressive ergonomics and 7 comfort zones that take care of your body. Designed with a variable composition in 7 different zones, by combining channels that pass through its core completely from side to side and also the waves of its different materials. These channels, together with the arrangement of their components, create areas specially designed for each part of your body, based on ergonomic studies.

Sensations of the Triumph Contact memory foam mattress Sensair

Firmness 90% 90% completed (success)
Adaptability 92% 92% complete (success)
Perspiration 95% 95% complete (success)

The visco mattress is recommended especially for those who suffer from a lumbar, muscle or joint ailment. Mattress that can be used for articulated beds.

Sensair Relax Triumph Contact Mattress Benefits

18 cm of Hr, variable composition in 7 different zones, through the combination of channels that pass through its core completely from side to side and also the waves of its different materials.
85-90kg / m3 thermogel core, providing adaptability, breathability and excellent bed independence.
Graphene viscoelastic layer: It is an innovative technology that extraordinarily enhances the dispersion of temperature and reduces the formation of mites and bacteria. High thermal conductivity, its breathability and its resilience. Reduce humidity.
Natural fiber layer: It favors the suspension of each person.
Very high independence of beds: If you sleep as a couple, you will not notice the movements of the other sleeper thanks to the high-density memory foam.
Excellent ventilation, thanks to its multi-channel Triumph core with 7 side-by-side zones.
Stretch Premium elastic fabric, soft touch and excellent breathability.
Mattress treatments eliminate and prevent mites; it is incorporated in the padded covers, as a filter, eliminating the mites in the first contact.
Measurements: 29 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year guarantee on this memory foam mattress.
The Sensair Triumph Contact mattress is from the exclusive range of Colchones Aznar manufactured by Colchones Relax .

This mattress has slight changes in firmness depending on the temperature, although much less than in other memory foam models. The mattress has one side made of Hr and the other made of viscoelastic material. The appropriate one for sleeping is made of viscoelastic material. To avoid confusion, the part not useful for resting has been upholstered in a neutral fabric, without padding.

3 layers of the TRIUMPH Core: 7 cm Visco Gel + 9 cm HR + 7 cm Visco Gel
Bed independence
Recommended base
Folding sofa beds, upholstered bases, bed bases.
Turn and flip
Outer fabric
2 faces
By on  21 Feb. 2019 (Sensair Triumph Contact Relax) :

Es muy duro.

Lo tengo en casa desde hace 10 días y no consigo adaptarme, no se nota el efecto de la viscoelastica.

By on  02 July 2018 (Sensair Triumph Contact Relax) :
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