Almohada de visco Pikolin Tactica
Almohada de visco Pikolin Tactica

Visco pillow Pikolin Tactica

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This memory foam pillow of medium firmness allows a cool rest. If you are looking for a memory foam pillow of medium firmness, this is the perfect choice.

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The Visco pillow is perfect for sleeping on your back or side. It has the most advanced technology in rest and from the first moment you will realize that it is the ideal model to sleep well every night if you are one of those who turns around on the mattress a lot. Due to its perfect degree of firmness and its height, the Pikolin Visco pillow has the right characteristics to maintain the correct position of the head and neck, without continuous movements affecting sleep. Its composition in double cover (interior and exterior of 100% polyester) will keep it perfectly protected throughout its useful life. Enjoy the rest you need every night thanks to its 100% viscoelastic core! And it is that its high-density viscoelastic foam is capable of memorizing the shape of your body and helps to eliminate pressure points to allow improved blood circulation. In this way you avoid constantly changing posture and you are guaranteed a much deeper sleep.

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By on  06 Jan. 2023 (Visco pillow Pikolin Tactica) :

Error on the order by colchones asnar. The photo it is not of the pillow that they send or the corret reference.

They send the wrong pillow, they don t have the pillow of the picture.

By on  09 Dec. 2022 (Visco pillow Pikolin Tactica) :



By on  05 Apr. 2022 (Visco pillow Pikolin Tactica) :

Calidad, precio y servicio

Almohada de Calidad a un precio fantástico y con un servicio de entrega que llegó antes de lo previsto.

By on  02 March 2022 (Visco pillow Pikolin Tactica) :
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