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Elan Pikolin comfortcel mattress 23.5 cm extra firm fibercel + pikolin folding bed breathable height 32 cm

If you consider yourself a sleep sybaritic, here is the Pikolin Confortcel Elan mattress pack plus the Naturbox folding wooden sofa , both with thePikolin Mattresses seal of quality. Do you want to sleep like a king? Get with him!

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Pack description


A set of pikolin Elan mattress and naturbox quality folding bed

Advantages of the Pikolin normablock Maple Mattress

The pikolin Elan mattress is made up of the Confortcel foam core and Fibercel padding. The core of Confortcel is the highly resilient cellular material that efficiently supports the weight of the body and maintains its properties for rest throughout the useful life of the mattress. Its Fibercel padding is a combination of athermal fiber and a layer of HR polyether that manages to create extra soft comfort and allows air to pass continuously during rest for better breathability. All Pikolin mattresses have Triple Barrier total hygiene technology that protects and prevents the development of the main bacterial sources of a mattress: mites, bacteria and fungi.

  1. High-resilience cellular foam material, with a synthetic base, developed by Pikolin as a top-quality alternative for non-spring mattress cores.
  2. Combination of two superimposed layers: the first of athermic fiber and the second of Polieter, manage to create extra soft comfort and better breathability.
  3. It eliminates the excess of static electricity accumulated during the day, allowing us a deeper and more relaxing rest; combined with visco, it manages to enhance relaxation during rest. It reduces bad odors and humidity produced by its habitual use; its chemical composition does not allow the bacteria responsible for bad odors to grow and repels moisture.
  4. Triple Barrier: A layer has been placed under the padding that includes the Triple Barrier® protection, exclusive to Pikolin and highly effective against mites, bacteria and fungi, which prevents the appearance of allergies and unwanted odours.
  5. Great comfort and adaptability with progressive reception.
  6. Total mattress height: 23.5 cm (+/- 3 cm).

Advantages of the Pikolin wooden sofa

The Pikolin Naturbox Wooden Folding Cabinet , in addition to being the ideal support for any type of mattress, becomes the maximum capacity horizontal cabinet that every home needs. COVER: Maximum durability breathable cover that incorporates upholstery with breathable 3D fabric providing Base Air System (BAS) technology. Solid wood handle with brand identification in the same color as the top. Arch supports mattress in steel rod in headboard. Easy front opening system using gas pistons. BUCKET: Up-to-date exterior and interior laminates. Differentiated solid wood corners that define the position of the folding: - Straight for the headboard. - Curves for the footboard. Headboard, footboard and stringers of the bucket of 25 mm. of thickness. Accessibility to the interior from all angles.

  1. Opening: front
  2. Cap: 3D fabric
  3. Wooden drawer: various colors
  4. Overall height: 32cm
  5. Frame with profile: 22 cm
  6. Internal drawer height: 25 cm
  7. Total height: 32 cm (+/- 3 cm).

Total height of the pikolin mattress and folding naturbox

  • 55.5cm (+/- 3cm)

pikolin elan mattress

Product manufactured in Spain, under ISO-9001:2000 regulations
mattress warranty Aznar Mattresses offers you a 2-year guarantee on this set of mattress and folding sofa .
The mattress and folding box set is from the exclusive range of Aznar Mattresses manufactured by Pikolin .

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