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Pikolin Dual pocket spring mattress 32 cm adaptable + pikolin folding bed breathable height 32 cm

Do you want a Pikolin mattress and a folding sofa with its seal? Get it with this pack made up of the Pikolin Dual Pik Mattress and the Naturbox folding sofa. Save money, sleep well and give your bedroom a new look!

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A set of pikolin Dual mattress and naturbox quality folding bed

Advantages of the Pikolin Adapt-Tech Dual bagged mattress

The DualPikolin mattress is made up of the Adapt-Tech pocket spring core and its Progression Fiber+ layer. The Adapt-Tech pocket spring core adapts point by point to the morphology of each sleeper and favors the independence of beds. Its Progression Fiber+ padding layer, a combination of three layers, two layers of HR Supersoft and one of polyether fiber. It produces a sweet and soft contact when sleeping and this technology is also thermoregulatory, which facilitates a higher quality rest. All Pikolin mattresses have Triple Barrier total hygiene technology that protects and prevents the development of the main bacterial sources of a mattress: mites, bacteria and fungus.

  1. Adapt-Tech Block: Block of independent tempered steel springs, packed one by one in resistant fabric. The rows, welded by ultrasound, form a core that adapts point by point to the morphology of the sleepers.
  2. It offers a resistance proportional to the pressure exerted by the different parts of the body. Due to this response, it is especially suitable for beds shared by people of different weights.
  3. Pikolin Double REST offers customizable support, to choose between medium or firm support on each side of the mattress. It allows each of the sleepers to have the most support
    suitable for your back, according to your body shape, your morphology and your tastes when sleeping.
  4. Progression Visco® is the combination of two highly technological materials in padding: Supersoft®: Cellular material with high density and low firmness. Viscofoam®: High-density viscoelastic.
  5. The mattress is made with a Pique fabric with a great touch and shine.
  6. Mattress treatments eliminate and prevent mites; It is incorporated into the padded covers, as a filter, eliminating mites on first contact.
  7. Total mattress height: 32 cm (+/- 3 cm).

Advantages of the Pikolin wooden sofa

The Pikolin Naturbox Wooden Folding Cabinet , in addition to being the ideal support for any type of mattress, becomes the maximum capacity horizontal cabinet that every home needs. COVER: Breathable cover of maximum durability that incorporates upholstery with breathable 3D fabric providing Base Air System (BAS) technology. Solid wood handle with brand identification in the same color as the top. Arch supports mattress in steel rod in headboard. Easy front opening system using gas pistons. BUCKET: Up-to-date exterior and interior laminates. Solid wood differentiated corners that define the position of the folding: - Straight for the headboard. - Curves for the footboard. Headboard, footboard and stringers of the bucket of 25 mm. of thickness. Accessibility to the interior from all angles.

  1. Opening: front
  2. Cap: 3D fabric
  3. Wooden drawer: various colors
  4. Overall height: 32cm
  5. Frame with profile: 22 cm
  6. Internal drawer height: 25 cm
  7. Total height: 32 cm (+/- 3 cm).

Total height of the pikolin mattress and folding naturbox

  • 62cm(+/- 3cm).

pikolin mattress

Product manufactured in Spain, under ISO-9001:2000 regulations
mattress warranty Aznar Mattresses offers you a 2-year guarantee on this set of mattress and folding bed.
The mattress and folding box set is from the exclusive range of Aznar Mattresses manufactured by Pikolin .

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