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Pack Pikolin Colchón y Colchoneta Hr Juvenil 22 cm/20 cm firmeza media + Conjunto Nido Pikolin reforzado 57 cm
Pack Pikolin Colchón y Colchoneta Hr Juvenil 22 cm/20 cm firmeza media + Conjunto Nido Pikolin reforzado 57 cm

Pack Pikolin Mattress and Hr Youth Mattress 22 cm / 20 cm medium firmness + Reinforced Pikolin Nest Set 57 cm

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Kangaroo nest pack and juvenile mattresses. Ideal for youth rooms since thanks to its folding legs the lower bed can be easily stored under the upper bed without taking up space in the bedroom.

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A set of pikolin nest and Apple mattresses 22cm / 20 cm

Advantages of the Pikolin hr Apple Mattress

The Apple youth mattress in Confortcel cellular material is composed of the core of Confortcel cellular material and layers of Viscofoam padding and athermic fiber. The Comfortcel cellular material is the highly resilient cellular material that efficiently supports the body's weight and maintains its properties for rest throughout the life of the mattress. With its Viscofoam padding technology, a highly adaptable viscoelastic layer that conforms to the curvature of the body to facilitate blood circulation, increasing the quality of sleep. Perfect for the little ones in the house. All Pikolin mattresses have Triple Barrier total hygiene technology that protects and prevents against the development of the main bacterial sources of a mattress: mites, bacteria and fungi.

  1. Core: Confortcel®, welcomes the natural curvature of the body to provide the stability and firmness that a good rest needs.
  2. Padding: Viscoelastic ViscoFoam®, which provides adaptability to the set. Underneath, a layer of athermic fiber has been placed that manages to create a soft comfort and allows air to pass continuously during rest. The heavyweight Stretch outer fabric helps wick moisture away and creates a balanced environment for rest.
  3. Triple Barrier: Under the padding a layer has been placed that includes the Triple Barrier® protection, exclusive to Pikolin and highly effective against mites, bacteria and fungi, which prevents the appearance of allergies and unwanted odors.
  4. The mattress is built with a stretch fabric that gives it softness and a pleasant touch.
  5. Total mattress height: 22 cm / 20 cm (+/- 3 cm).

Advantages of the Pikolin trundle bed

A trundle bed that allows you to take advantage of the space in the bedroom without sacrificing the quality of sleep for the youngest. The Pikolin trundle bed is the perfect choice to have two youth beds with mattresses.

  1. Metallic structure lacquered with an expoxy paint.
  2. Vaporized beech sheet to give it greater elasticity.
  3. 20 highly elastic beech slats.
  4. Sheet width 5 cm.
  5. 2 kit of metal legs with anthracite colored connecting plate made of a new, highly resistant material.
  6. Total height: 42 cm

Total height of the Pikolin set and mattresses

  • 57cm (+/- 3 cm).

Pikolin exclusive normablock mattress

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year guarantee on this set of mattresses and trundle bed .
The set of mattresses and kangaroo nest is from the exclusive range of Colchones Aznar manufactured by Pikolin .

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