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Normablock sprung mattress Pikolin Lemon 22 cm firm
Normablock sprung mattress Pikolin Lemon 22 cm firm

Adapt-tech spring mattress Pikolin Cherry 22 cm adaptable

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With the highest technology in pocket spring mattresses, the Pikolin Cherry mattress is perfect for the youngest. Its adaptable firmness, the incorporation of Visco Viscofoam® provide a natural and healthy rest.

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A mattress for the young people of the house

Mattress for young people and adults from Pikolin Mattresses . Once again, the Pikolin group is concerned with the development of the smallest members of the household. Are you thinking about buying a mattress for your child? Don't think about it anymore, this model will allow your children to sleep on an Adaptable Firmness mattress that will help them develop their growth healthily.
This Mattress is a great advantage if you are looking to buy cheap mattresses . The Pikolin Cherry is a mattress that has an incomparable value for money. Enjoy Adapt-Tech technology together with Viscofoam at the best price on the market.

núcleo esquema del colchón Cherry Pikolin

Adapt-tech spring, lumbar reinforcement and viscofoam padding, reversible mattress.

Discover the Adapt-Tech springs

The Adapt-Tech® spring block is made up of individually pocketed springs that make resting a comfortable and progressive experience. Adapt Tech provides a gradual reception from the first contact of the body with the mattress, helps in the reinforcement of the hip area, maximum zonal and ergonomic adaptability and reinforcement of the contour perimeter. All the innovation in rest at the service of the sleeper.

What will the Cherry mattress give you during your rest?

Firmness 70% % complete (successful)
Adaptability 50% 50% complete (successful)
Perspiration 70% 80% complete (successful)

Benefits of the Pikolin Adapt-Tech Cherry mattress

It is a quality mattress that will help young people in their rest, by sleeping in a place adapted to their needs throughout the night.
Pocket spring block: The pocket spring structure will provide exceptional comfort and its three rest areas will allow good adaptability.
sanifoam Comfort layers in high-density viscoelastic material. It responds to pressure and heat, and adapts to the contours of the body, favoring a posture that benefits your sleep.
Indicated for beds shared by people of different weights.
Helps sleeper perspiration, so it is highly recommended for those with perspiration problems.
Correct posture of the spine throughout the night thanks to the lumbar reinforcement of the Normablock spring block.
layer of natural fibers Its fiber-based cushioning helps stabilize rest and reinforces the firmness of the spring block.
It has a layer of athermal fiber with which a soft comfort is achieved and, in addition, it allows air to circulate during use.
Its Strech fabric has a pleasant touch and provides elasticity and breathability.
The treatments applied to this mattress eliminate mites, which cause most respiratory infections, at first contact.
Measurements: 22 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

mattress treatments

Treatment öko-tex Standard 100. No harmful substances are used in the manufacture.
Prevents and prevents the appearance and development of mites and their allergens.

REMEMBER: You choose the Mattress, We prepare it, We take it to your House, we place it in your Room, We pick up the old Mattress, and… Yes, indeed, All this for the Price that each Product on the Web marks.

Product manufactured in Spain, under ISO-9001:2000 regulations
mattress warranty Aznar Mattresses offers a 3-year guarantee on this pocket spring mattress.
The Cherry youth mattress manufactured by Pikolin.

Viscofoam® Cellular material with memory effect
Bed independence
Recommended base
Any type of base or mattress
Yes, every 6 months
Outer fabric
2 faces
3 años
Thermal sensation
mattress type
Colchón de muelles
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By on  05 Sept. 2021 (Adapt-tech spring mattress Pikolin Cherry 22 cm adaptable) :
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Colchón en la media

Hola, el colchón lo recomendaría sólo para personas que no tengan mucho peso.

By on  21 Oct. 2020 (Adapt-tech spring mattress Pikolin Cherry 22 cm adaptable) :


Muy buen colchon, y me ha subido a casa gratis.
Muchas Gracias!

By on  19 Sept. 2020 (Adapt-tech spring mattress Pikolin Cherry 22 cm adaptable) :

Colchon muelles normablock pikolin lemon

Ya había cpmprado más veces y recomiendo comprar en colchones Aznar, muy serios.En cuanto al colchón,tiene buena pinta,tendré que probarlo antes de opinar.

By on  14 Sept. 2019 (Adapt-tech spring mattress Pikolin Cherry 22 cm adaptable) :


Compré el colchón para mi niña y desde el primer día durmió de maravilla, es firme y se ve de calidad.
Llegó incluso antes del tiempo estimado de entrega y los repartidores me avisaron con tiempo para que pudiese estar en casa.
El colchón es bastante grueso por lo que hay que tenerlo en cuenta para comprar la ropa de cama.

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