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Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene

Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene

Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene

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Its own name indicates it. The Gold Relax Mattress is gold in its purest form. Why? For its high firmness, for its visco graphene composition, which provides a pleasant thermal sensation and for its price, adapted to all pockets. Are you looking for freshness, comfort and convenience? Get it!

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100% RELAX

A mattress that will measure up

Spring mattress with pocket springs shell, What are pocket or pocket springs? Very easy, firmer and more durable. A robust mattress with the reception of memory foam. The Gaviota Oro mattress has 5 independent areas that allow a perfect individual reception. The king in comfort in the Spring Mattress modality, adaptable to all types of people.

When you sleep, isolate the movement of your partner, you will not notice that you sleep with someone! Do you remember what it was like to rest individually? The Gaviota Gold Relax Mattress will allow you to sleep and rest.

We spend 23 years of our life sleeping, bet on quality mattresses !

This New Model Pocket Spring mattress is reinforced to achieve greater stability inside it. Greater durability due to its robust manufacture, possible breakages do not exist in this Spring Mattress! ViscoGel technology, a Natural mattress always offers better breathability.
Another of the strengths of this spring mattress is its Antibacterial and Antifungal Treatment.

In summary, a Pocket Spring Mattress with Firmness, Adaptability, Welcoming and High Hygienic Protection. Find a Quality Rest and Improve your Quality of Life.

Destaca igualmente la suavidad y aireación de sus dos capas diferentes de Tecnocel, lo que lo hacen confortable y transpirable.

Insac Infinity 5 zone case: more than 700 springs in measure 150x190 cm


System composed of an innovative viscoelastic cellular material, combined with PCM microcapsules. It is obtained through a slow-return anatomical memory foam process that adapts to temperature. It does not generate heat, due to the delay in its absorption in the environment that surrounds it or the body in contact with it.


Pocket spring casing, which combines in 5 zones, different amounts of springs (more in the reinforced zones) depending on each part of the body. Very comfortable and adaptable, it isolates the user from the movement of the couple, resting individually. Almost 700 docks measuring 150 x 190. 5 different rest areas.

What does the Gaviota Oro mattress bring us to our rest?

Firmness 80% 80% complete (success)
Adaptability 65% 65% complete (success)
Perspiration 90% 90% complete (success)

The Gaviota Oro Relax mattress is recommended for daily use and main rooms, perfect for all types of people and ages.

Why this Mattress?

Pocket spring block: Rest system evolved from springs that pocket independently and provide exceptional comfort. These springs are joined transversely by rows of individually welded fabric. (5 rest areas).
Outer layer: Fabric / Layer of high quality material, regulating temperature and humidity.
Graphene viscoelastic layer: Great comfort and adaptability with progressive reception. Visco graphene reacts to body heat, being highly adaptable as well as helping to dissipate heat, which gives it its air conditioning property. Height 3cm.
Cushion: Natural cotton layer regulating temperature and humidity.
Natural fiber layer: It favors the suspension and the accommodation of the weight of each person. Height 3cm.
Cover component: Fabric that creates a cool atmosphere. Maximum breathability.
The mattress is built with a high quality stretch fabric that gives it softness and a very pleasant touch.
Compat security system: It is a compact perimeter reinforcement that guarantees the mattress more useful surface and greater stability. Thickness 5cm
Mattress treatments eliminate and prevent mites; it is incorporated in the padded covers, as a filter, eliminating the mites in the first contact.
Measurements: 31 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year warranty on this pocket spring mattress.
The Gaviota Oro mattress manufactured by Relax Mattresses .

Pocket spring mattresses are characterized by their greater adaptability to the contour of the body. They distribute the weight to each spring individually, it provides personalized support for each area of the body, adapting its firmness to the characteristics of the sleeper. The Gaviota Oro mattress is compatible with any support, both upholstered base and slatted base. The choice between one or the other will depend on the preferences of each one.

Gaviota Gold Mattress - Test and Opinion - Mattresses Aznar

Pocket spring, distributes the weight on the surface of the bed (5 zones)
With Visco / Fiber / Multicellular Hiper soft (both sides).
Bed independence
Recommended base
Upholstered base, folding couches.
Yes, every 6 months
Outer fabric
2 faces
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By on  13 Nov. 2021 (Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene) :

El colchón perfecto si existe.

Es un colchón que llegas cansado del curro y cuando te acuestas en el sientes un alivio grande ,lo recomiendo 100%.

By on  19 May 2021 (Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene) :

Muy buen colchón

Extraordinaria relación calidad precio. Colchón comodísimo y servido en plazo. La medida que necesitábamos era difícil de encontrar y lograron proveerlo aun estando descatalogado. Gran atención al cliente tanto en tienda el día que fuimos a probar como por telf&correo. Muy satisfechos con la elección

By on  06 March 2021 (Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene) :

Buen colchón y mejor atención recibida.

Compre el colchón Gaviota oro de relax y estoy encantado con la compra.envio rápido y todo correcto,retiraron el viejo sin problemas.
Encantado con la compra .

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