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Colchón Roll spring

Pocket V spring 22 cm pocket spring mattress with visco

Pocket V spring 22 cm pocket spring mattress with visco

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The Pocket V Spring pocket spring mattress provides that much appreciated bedding independence. Progressive and adaptable firmness, it makes the weight proportionally distributed over the entire surface, hence, regardless of the volume of the person, it has a high durability.

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An economic mattress Top sales

The Pocket V Spring mattress with pocket springs has 2 cm of memory foam. This mattress combines the comfort of traditional memory foam, characterized by its feeling of softness and weightlessness, with the excellent thermal regulation provided by pocket springs.

Pocket spring system

Rest system evolved from springs that pocket independently and provide exceptional comfort. The pocket springs are joined transversely by rows of individually welded fabric. Pocket spring technology allows optimal anatomical adaptation as a consequence of the independence and flexibility of each of its elements.

What will the Pocket V Spring mattress bring you during your rest?

Firmness 70% 70% complete (success)
Adaptability 60% 60% complete (success)
Perspiration 85% 85% complete (success)

This model is always served vacuum rolled in a protective plastic bag. When unrolling the mattress we must let it rest on a firm and flat base so that it recovers its characteristics and original thickness. This period should consist of between 8 and 24 hours. * This mattress does not have a used removal service.

Why this Sac Sprint Rolled Mattress?

Pocket spring block: The pocket spring structure will provide you with exceptional comfort and its three rest areas will allow you good adaptability.
Double shock absorber, which isolates the spring block from the different layers of padding. These layers of cushioning provide the mattress with excellent comfort.
Superior memory foam layer: It will slowly adapt to the energetic heat of your body, with a slow return, eliminating all the pressure points exerted by your body. Height 2 cm.
Excellent ventilation, thanks to its breathable fabric, and its composition with soft fiber.
The mattress is built with a stretch fabric that gives it softness and a pleasant touch.
Mattress treatments eliminate and prevent mites; it is incorporated in the padded covers, as a filter, eliminating the mites in the first contact.
Measurements: 22 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard

Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year warranty on this Pocket V Spring pocket spring mattress.

The Pocket V Spring pocket spring mattress is from the exclusive range of Colchones Aznar .

Pocket spring
Closed, with outer trim
Bed independence
Recommended base
Folding canteens, upholstered bases.
Outer fabric
1 side
3 años
Thermal sensation
mattress type
Colchón de muelles ensacados
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