Colchón viscoelástico Sumatra

Colchón viscoelástico Sumatra

Colchón Emma 25 cm high comfort the most awarded

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Elegant, technological and very adaptable. These are the characteristics that define the Colchón Emma , the best-selling mattress in Europe. Its four layers, with an intelligent structure , and its pores allow perfect weight distribution and natural breathability . Discover our mattress sales section .

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Emma the new generation mattress 100% German quality

It has an innovative technology patented by Emma made in Germany of 4 cm Airgocell, it consists of a material with an open pore cell structure that prevents the accumulation of heat generated by the body during hours of sleep focused on people who seek great perspiration in your rest, has a perfect distribution of weight throughout the surface of the mattress capable of supporting up to 130kg per side and a 4cm block of thermo-sensitive viscoelastic that adapts perfectly to the silhouette of our body. It has a high-density HRX core , with a high level of elasticity, die-cut and with transverse ventilation channels that provide support to the mattress, giving it a longer life over time.

Estructura del colchón permite que la presión sea distribuidora óptimamente por las distintas capas.

Airgocell 4 cm viscoelastic of 65kg/m3. 17 cm HRX(HRX) D-30 Kg/m3

Colchón Emma

Colchón Emma has been awarded numerous times by national tests in 6 European countries for its high quality, winning the first prize ahead of dozens of competitors. In Spain, Emma was the memory foam mattress best valued by the most important consumer organization in the country, obtaining the award for the best mattress in the country. Similarly, Emma is also the best in the corresponding tests in France, Holland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and Portugal.

This model is always served vacuum rolled in a protective plastic bag and box. When unrolling the mattress, we must let it rest on a firm and flat base so that it recovers its original characteristics and thickness. This period must be between 8 and 24 hours. *This mattress does not have a used collection service.

Emma Mattress Sensations

Firmness 75% 75% complete (successful)
Adaptability 95% 95% complete (successful)
Perspiration 85% 85% complete (successful)

The Emma memory foam mattress is especially recommended for those who suffer from a lumbar, muscular or joint ailment. Ideal for children, adults and overweight.

Colchón Emma Benefits

The 17cm core used is HRX (High Resilience) of 30kg/m3. Flexible polyurethane material that stands out for its high resilience and durability. Its rigorous manufacturing and quality control process provides it with a light open-cell structure that ensures perfect breathability and elasticity.
Padding with 4 cm of viscoelastic : Provides the body with a rest with release of inadequate pressures, with a rapid reception. Viscoelastic is a material that optimally adapts to the body's silhouette. With 1 cm of viscoelastic and density 65.
Upper padding with 4 cm of Airgocell : Its upper padding with 4 cm of Airgocell creates exceptional comfort thanks to its elasticity that allows a very high adaptability to the sleeper without exerting any pressure point on it, thus achieving the maximum possible rest. Highly breathable material preventing sweat at night.
Very high independence of beds : If you sleep as a couple, you will not notice the movements of the other sleeper thanks to the high-density viscoelastic.
Excellent ventilation, thanks to its breathable fabric, and its composition with soft fiber.
Its thermo-regulating cover whose function is air circulation and repels moisture to protect the mattress and not generate heat. It is made of 98% polyester 2% elastane. It has a zipper that allows you to remove the cover and machine wash it to sanitize your mattress and keep it always clean.
Standard 100 certificate that certifies that the materials are suitable even for sensitive skin and free of all kinds of substances that are harmful to humans.
Measurements: 25 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

El colchón emma esta diseñado para cualquier persona

Product made in Germany.
mattress warranty Aznar Mattresses offers a 10-year guarantee on this Emma viscoelastic mattress.
The Emma mattress is made by Emma .

This mattress has slight changes in firmness depending on the temperature, although much less than in other viscoelastic models. The mattress has one face of Hr and another of viscoelastic material. The appropriate one for sleeping is that of viscoelastic material. To avoid confusion, the part not useful for resting has been upholstered in a neutral fabric, without padding.

Discover the maximum sleep potential of the Colchón Emma

Profiled HR foaming
Bed independence
Recommended base
Folding sofa beds, upholstered bases, bed bases.
Outer fabric
98% polyester 2% elastane
1 side
10 años
Thermal sensation
mattress type
Colchón viscoelástico
50 Items
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Rapidez e Qualidade

Bons preços com entrega super rápida para Portugal e sem qualquer problema.
Recomendo preço/qualidade/serviço

By on  06 Nov. 2022 (Colchón Emma 25 cm high comfort the most awarded) :
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Cochon emma

Muy confortable y llegó muy pronto

By on  21 Sept. 2022 (Colchón Emma 25 cm high comfort the most awarded) :


Desde que empecé a dormir en este colchón, he notado una gran mejoría en mi espalda, es muy cómodo, te adaptas enseguida a el, conserva tu postura durante toda la noche. Una de las mejores compras.

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