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Colchón Emma Diamond Degree Mattress
Colchón Emma Diamond Degree Mattress
Colchón Emma Diamond Degree Mattress

Pikolin mattress rolled 26 cm visco and Hr medium-high firmness

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Perfect if you are looking for a high-comfort mattress, of medium-high firmness and you do not want to notice the movements of your partner when sleeping. It favors ventilation and reduces pressure points. Mattress that arrives at your home in 72 hours.

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The fastest, most comfortable and easy option for your rest


Rolled mattress with HR Confortcel foam core, a highly resilient cellular foam material developed exclusively by Pikolin. It favors permanent ventilation and reduces pressure points, providing maximum adaptability, high comfort and ensuring that, if you share a bed, you do not notice the movements of the other person when sleeping.

Estructura del colchón se adapta a tu cuerpo perfectamente

HR 65kg / m3 foam. 17 cm Viscofoam®

Pikup Ultra Pikolin mattress

The mattresses manufactured by Pikolin have the Sustainable Pikolin seal and are manufactured in a sustainable and responsible way with the highest quality and guarantee standards. Thus, more than 60% of the plastic in its packaging and 100% of the cardboard used in its box is of recycled origin.

PIKUP by Pikolin is a rolled up mattress that arrives at your home in 72 hours in a box that is easy to transport and handle. You just have to open the box, unfold it and wait for it to recover its shape to enjoy the best rest that only a Pikolin mattress can provide.

Sensations of the Pikup Pikolin Ultra mattress

Firmness 80%80% complete (success)
Adaptability 95%95% complete (success)
Perspiration 92%92% complete (success)

Ultra Pikup visco mattress Benefits

High resilience foaming cellular material, with a synthetic base, developed by Pikolin as a top quality alternative for non-spring mattress cores.
It combines a first layer of athermic fiber with a layer of memory foam that allows creating a soft rest and proper ventilation.
Very high independence of beds: If you sleep as a couple, you will not notice the movements of the other sleeper thanks to the high-density memory foam.
Excellent ventilation, thanks to its breathable fabric, and its composition with soft fiber.
The cover of this mattress is soft to the touch with mesh fabric, which allows air to pass through, keeping the surface cool and dry.
Triple Barrier: Under the padding a layer has been placed that includes the Triple Barrier® protection, exclusive to Pikolin and highly effective against mites, bacteria and fungi, which prevents the appearance of allergies and unwanted odors.
Measurements: 26 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

Product made in Spain.
Garantía del colchónMattressesAznaroffers a 2-year guarantee on this rolled mattress from Pikolin.
The Ultra Pikolin mattress from Pikup is manufactured by Pikolin.

HR with memory foam
Closed, with outer trim
Bed independence
Recommended base
Folding sofa beds, upholstered bases, bed bases.
Outer fabric
1 side
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Colchón perfecto

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