Colchón Emma Hybrid Premium

Colchón Emma Hybrid Premium

Colchón Emma Hybrid Premium

Colchón Emma 25 cm fresh pocket springs

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Emma Hybrid Premium, a sleep technology based on thermoregulatory properties , its High Aeroflex steel springs, allows adequate ventilation of the interior and offers additional reinforcement on the perimeter that helps the sleeper to get up more easily.

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Emma Hybrid Premium the perfect support for your body

A mattress that adapts perfectly to your body thanks to the combination of its adaptable comfort foam and its pocket springs: a hybrid mattress that offers optimal firmness. To reach the deep sleep phase, the body temperature must drop. The Emma Hybrid Premium regulates the temperature during rest, maintaining the ideal temperature and guaranteeing a longer and more restful deep sleep.

Estructura del colchón se adapta a tu cuerpo perfectamente

Airgocell 4 cm viscoelastic 65kg/m3. 17 cm pocket spring

Colchón Emma

Thanks to the innovation of the Hybrid Premium mattress cover and its pocket spring core, they will keep you cool and dry throughout the night, achieving the ideal temperature for sleeping in record time, a revolutionary technology in the world of rest.

This model is always served vacuum rolled in a protective plastic bag and box. When unrolling the mattress, we must let it rest on a firm and flat base so that it recovers its original characteristics and thickness. This period must be between 8 and 24 hours. *This mattress does not have a used collection service.

Sensations of the Emma Hybrid Premium mattress

Firmness 80% 80% complete (successful)
Adaptability 95% 95% complete (successful)
Perspiration 92% 92% complete (successful)

The Emma Hybrid Premium spring mattress is especially recommended for those who are hot. Ideal for children, adults and overweight.

Colchón Emma with pocket springs Benefits

Emma mattress pocket springs High Aeroflex steel springs for better air circulation, optimal support and flexibility at night. Enjoy extra reinforcement at the mattress edges to help you get in and out of bed more easily.
This Memory Foam perfectly distributes pressure. It adapts to the body regardless of its morphology and sleeping position, offering you an exceptional quality of sleep.
Airgocell® foam is one of the latest innovations in the world of rest. The properties of this material are comparable to those of a gel. This foam adapts to the morphology of the body and relieves pressure in the areas that are most stressed during the day, such as the shoulders and hips.
Very high independence of beds: If you sleep as a couple, you will not notice the movements of the other sleeper thanks to the high-density viscoelastic.
Excellent ventilation, thanks to its breathable fabric, and its composition with soft fiber.
The cover of this mattress is highly breathable for optimal air circulation. This way you will stay cool and dry all night. Also, you can easily wash it in the washing machine.
Standard 100 certificate that certifies that the materials are suitable even for sensitive skin and free of all kinds of substances that are harmful to humans.
Measurements: 25 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

Colchón emma Hybrid para personas calurosas que deseen disfrutar de un descanso fresco y seco

Product made in Germany.
mattress warranty Aznar Mattresses offers a 10-year guarantee on this Emma pocket spring mattress.
The Emma Hybrid Premium mattress is manufactured by Emma .

Colchón Emma Hybrid Premium-High Adaptation Mattress

Pocket spring
Bed independence
Recommended base
Folding sofa beds, upholstered bases, bed bases.
Outer fabric
Tejido superior: 100% poliéster. Tejido lateral e inferior: 89% poliéster e 11% polipropileno
1 side
10 años
Thermal sensation
mattress type
Colchón de muelles ensacados
47 Items
By on  16 Nov. 2022 (Colchón Emma 25 cm fresh pocket springs) :

Buen colchón

Compré este colchón por su fama y no me ha defraudado. Es muy cómodo y se adapta muy bien.

By on  13 Nov. 2022 (Colchón Emma 25 cm fresh pocket springs) :

Excelente resultado para mi problema de columna

Como menciono en "Titulo", en mi caso los resultados son muy buenos!...con este colchón he superado problemas ocasionados por el anterior que tenía en uso (de dureza "Firme").
Siguiendo los consejos de mi médico, con el cambio me siento mucho mejor, incluso dolores al levantarme por la mañana han desaparecido.
Pero atención, cada persona deberá evaluar resultados según la dolencia que le afecte (en mi caso doble pinzamiento lumbar con desplazamiento de vertebra...vamos...un problemón dado que el riesgo quirúrgico en la zona afectada puede ser fatal.
Atento a lo dicho, agradezco el asesoramiento recibido por pare de "Colchones Aznar", y sobre todo el servicio de poder contar con un amplio plazo de devolución en caso que los resultados no sean los esperados.
Por mi experiencia personal, recomiendo ampliamente a esta empresa.

By on  09 Sept. 2022 (Colchón Emma 25 cm fresh pocket springs) :

muy buen colchón

buena firmeza y permite un buen descanso

By on  30 Aug. 2022 (Colchón Emma 25 cm fresh pocket springs) :

Satisfait du matelas

Matelas commandé en 160x200cm, reçu en 1 semaine. Le carton reçu était en très mauvais état mais heureusement le matelas étaot intacte, toujours dans son sachet sous vide et enroulé.

By on  27 Aug. 2022 (Colchón Emma 25 cm fresh pocket springs) :

Super affaire

Matelas de qualité à un prix imbattable reçu dans un délai plus que raisonnable.

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