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Colchón Normablock Pikolin Arce
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Normablock Pikolin Maple spring mattress 25 cm extra comfort

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With the hallmark of Normablock furniture and firm and stable padding, the Normablock Pikolin Arce mattress is designed for couples. Being a continuous thread mattress allows both the independence of beds and a correct perspiration.

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A strong mattress

The mattressNormablock Pikolin, is the Perfect hybrid, of Springs and Viscoelastic Sensation. Doubts between buying aspring mattressor a memory foam mattress? For the more traditional ones who prefer spring mattresses, but are amused by the innovation of FiberCel, which is a new technology that consists of the combination of a layer of athermic fiber with a layer of HR polyether. This combination manages to create an extra soft comfort and lets the air pass continuously during rest for better perspiration., This is your mattress!
When you sleep on soft and not firm mattresses, does your back hurt? The firmness of theNormablock Pikolin mattressis ideal for you, this mattress has it all!
Its latest generation springs (Normablock) for the most demanding inFirmnessAnd for the Hottest, Forget the Pressure on the Shoulders and Hips! Enjoy the relief in your Muscles and Back!
Ideal for Master and Single Rooms, this Pikolin normablock mattress is made to be used every day.

esquema del núcleo colchón normablock

Normablock spring system. Padding on both sides of FiberCel

Normablock Pier

The NORMABLOCK® spring block is designed to provide greater strength in the area of the body with the greatest weight: the lower back. The central third is reinforced with a higher density of springs, which provides greater resistance to subsidence. By preventing the hips from sinking into the mattress, NORMABLOCK® keeps the spine aligned, thus ensuring a fully ergonomic posture.

What will the Arce mattress bring you during your rest?

Firmness 85%85% complete (success)
Adaptability 55%55% complete (success)
Perspiration 75%75% complete (success)

REMEMBER: The Price you see includes VAT, Shipping costs, Placement and Removal of the Used Mattress. It's Worth It, isn't it? now take a look at the modelmagnum relax mattresswith all the features you are looking for.

Benefits of the Arce Pikolin mattress

Abalanced firmness mattresshelp to improve back problems.
Normazone continuous thread spring block that combines the firmness and correct position of the back with the need of the sleeper to relieve pressure in the hips and shoulders. It respects the natural position of the back and facilitates a perfect body posture during rest.
Indicated for beds shared by people of different weights.
Helps sleeper perspiration, so it is highly recommended for those with perspiration problems.
Correct posture of the spine throughout the night due to the lumbar reinforcement of the spring block.
The Fibercel® layer, a combination of athermic fiber and a polyether layer, manages to create extra soft comfort and continuously lets air through during rest for better breathability.
The mattress is constructed of a soft touch Stretch fabric.
Mattress treatments eliminate the mites, the cause of most respiratory infections, at the first contact.
Measurements: 26 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

Mattress treatments

Tratamientoöko-tex Standard 100. No harmful substances have been used in the manufacture.
triple-barrera-pikolin.pngThis barrier acts where mites, bacteria and fungi actually nest, between the layers of padding, just below the fabric. The advantage of this new development is the total blocking of these elements, and is also permanent over time.

calidad en el tejido de este colchón

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Garantía del colchónMattressesAznaroffers a 2-year warranty on this spring mattress.
The Pikolin Arce mattress manufactured by Pikolin.

Normablock and visco springs
Bed independence
Recommended base
Any type of base.
Yes, every 6 months
Outer fabric
2 faces
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By on  18 Nov. 2021 (Normablock Pikolin Maple spring mattress 25 cm extra comfort) :

Todo bien


By on  28 Sept. 2021 (Normablock Pikolin Maple spring mattress 25 cm extra comfort) :
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By on  13 July 2021 (Normablock Pikolin Maple spring mattress 25 cm extra comfort) :

Firme pero poco adaptable

La calidad del producto es buena. Su firmeza es media-alta pero su adaptabilidad es bastante baja. Se mueve bastante al cambiar de postura. Me lo esperaba mas adaptable. En ese sentido me ha defraudado un poco.

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