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Normasense Pikolin Perfection...
Normasense Pikolin Perfection mattress 32 cm micropocket

Normasense Pikolin Perfection mattress 32 cm micropocket

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The Normasense Pikolin Perfection mattress is the highest of the Normablock® continuous thread spring mattresses from Pikolin. It incorporates the Normasense spring system, a technological evolution that reinforces its reception and stability. Suitable for all kinds of sleepers!

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A better mattress

If you are looking for mattress stores with the best offers in Mattresses, and your goal is to find the best mattress on the market, Mattress Perfection by Pikolin Mattresses is the High Range option for Execelencia. Excellence in the comfort of a mattress, Firmness, Welcoming, Breathability and High Hygienic Protection. This Pikolin Mattress model cannot be described by strengths, it can be summarized in that it has no shortcomings. Has it all!
Do you remember that hotel where you spent one night and you were hallucinating with the mattress ...? Well, now imagine that every day, every night, every morning, you wake up on that mattress ... This is what the Perfection Mattress from Pikolin Mattresses offers you, The Best Rest Guaranteed as in the best hotels in the world.
If you believe in Quality, and you are aware that we spend 23 years of our life sleeping, This Mattress is the Ferrari of High End Mattresses .

Core: Normasense springs and their Progression Fiber + and MicroPocket System padding layers

Normasense technology

A new revolution in sleep, mattresses with the Normasense system bring together " the best of two worlds " springs and technical foams. Providing our rest with sufficient comfort and perspiration , thanks to its ergozones. The hybrid technology of the Pikolin Normasense mattress allows the most adequate support for the back, thanks to the balanced combination of springs and advanced foams inside, a revolutionary innovation that uses the best of each rest system to achieve greater comfort.

Pikolin perfection mattress, perfection at rest

What will the Perfection mattress bring you during your rest?

Firmness 90% 90% completed (success)
Adaptability 85% 85% complete (success)
Perspiration 90% 90% complete (success)

Benefits of the Pikolin Perfectión spring mattress

A quality mattress will help to improve the muscular tensions of your body .
Hybrid System : Normablock® spring block together with new materials for rest. Increases comfort, progressivity when resting, better ventilation and great durability.
micro springs Micro-Pocket : Layer of small independent pocket springs of steel covered by fabric, incorporated between the core of the mattress and the padding. It provides individual comfort that personalizes the rest of each person.
cushion in polyester Its polyether cushion : High density provides stability that is appreciated during rest hours.
Indicated for beds shared by people of different weights.
Helps sleeper perspiration, so it is highly recommended for those with perspiration problems.
Correct posture of the spine throughout the night due to the lumbar reinforcement of the spring block.
Progression fiber : Two overlapping layers, the first soft and temperature regulating and the second viscoelastic, to reduce pressure when sleeping. The first layer of Progression Fiber®, a combination of HR Supersoft and fibers of natural origin, achieves a sweet and soft first contact when sleeping.
Microclimate : the Supersoft material, being the first layer, protects from the heat effect of the memory foam, and regulates the temperature changes that the body experiences throughout the night's rest.
Viscose fabric: external mattress fabric that has a high shine and is soft to the touch.
Mattress treatments eliminate the mites, the cause of most respiratory infections, at the first contact.
Measurements: 32 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

What are your treatments?

Treatment öko-tex Standard 100. No harmful substances have been used in the manufacture.
Prevents and prevents the appearance and development of mites and their allergens.

REMEMBER: The Price you see includes VAT, Shipping costs, Placement and Removal of the Used Mattress. It is worth it, right ?.

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year warranty on this mattress.
The Perfection mattress is from Pikolin's Neo range and manufactured by Pikolin .

Hybrid System® and Micro-pocket®
Progression Fiber®
Bed independence
Recommended base
Any type of base or mattress.
Yes, every 6 months
Outer fabric
1 side
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By on  26 Oct. 2021 (Normasense Pikolin Perfection mattress 32 cm micropocket) :

Normasense Pikolin Perfection

Estoy súper contento con él, para mí es el colchón perfecto. Cumple todas mis expectativas y ha mejorado mi descanso de una manera visible

By on  21 May 2020 (Normasense Pikolin Perfection mattress 32 cm micropocket) :
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By on  14 Feb. 2020 (Normasense Pikolin Perfection mattress 32 cm micropocket) :

Colchón extraordinario

Colchón de alta gama, y se nota.

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