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Velfont is a specialist company in home textile protection, incorporating the most advanced technology into its products, offering high quality home clothing. It was founded in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain and its specialty is mattress covers, mattress protectors, mattress topper, bottom sheets, Nordic fillings and pillows.

Velamen SA is the commercial firm where they pursue excellence in processes, home accessories and image. Part of the manufacturing is carried out in textile workshops for labor reintegration, where they help people at risk of social exclusion.

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Embossed satin pillowcase

With this pillowcase, you can subtly protect your pillow from any friction or stain, also allowing the product to breathe perfectly.

(5/5) on 5 rating(s)
From €8.17

Breathable pillowcase Bambu

With this waterproof breathable bamboo pillowcase, you can subtly protect your pillow from any friction or stain, also allowing the product to breathe perfectly.

(4,8/5) on 4 rating(s)
From €11.57

Bi-elastic microfiber mattress cover up to thickness 30 cm

This Mattress Cover is breathable and offers protection against mites, improving the quality of your night's rest.

(3,8/5) on 9 rating(s)
From €12.46

Aloe breathable waterproof protector up to 25 cm thick

Waterproof and breathable Aloe Vera mattress protector made of 100% cotton terry

(4,7/5) on 27 rating(s)
From €14.96
Funda de Colchón Rizo Elástico
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Elastic cotton mattress cover up to 25 cm thick

White mattress cover made of 100% stretch cotton terry and polyester base. It has a zip closure.

(4,9/5) on 7 rating(s)
From €15.45
Padua elastic mattress...
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Padua elastic mattress protector cover up to thickness 30 cm

Elastic mattress cover made of elastane, which provides great elasticity and excellent coverage. Zip closure.

(4,5/5) on 2 rating(s)
From €22.00

Half worked satin mattress cover up to 25 cm thick

Our Carved Satin Half Mattress Cover is made of sanforized cotton so that it does not shrink.

(4/5) on 1 rating(s)
From €22.70

Thermoregulatory pillowcase

With this thermoregulating pillowcase, you can subtly protect your pillow from any friction or stain, and it also Cushions changes in temperature .

From €23.14
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3-layer waterproof mattress protector up to 30 cm thick

Alma 3-layer mattress protector Waterproof Velfont made with cotton fabric of great softness and freshness on both sides. For mattress heights up to 30 cm and lengths up to 200 cm.

(5/5) on 5 rating(s)
From €23.99
Almohada viscobebé
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Visco baby perforated breathable anti-mite pillow

The memory foam pillow has a perforated core that facilitates the free circulation of air, thus avoiding heat and benefiting the baby's rest.

(4/5) on 1 rating(s)
From €27.00
Funda colchón Jacquard Bambú
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Jacquard Bamboo mattress cover

Jacquard elastic terrycloth mattress cover Bamboo with zipper. Up to 30 cm thick.

(4,5/5) on 16 rating(s)
€39.14 -30% From €27.40

Nordic filling Aloe Vera 300g / m² hollow fiber polyester

Nordic Aloe Vera 300g / m3 ideal for people looking for products with natural treatments, but which are warm, light and comfortable at the same time.

(4,9/5) on 8 rating(s)
From €28.89

Reversible / Waterproof mattress cover up to thickness 30 cm

The padded mattress covers were created to, in addition to protecting the mattress, improve its comfort.

(4/5) on 6 rating(s)
From €29.91

Nordic Filling Hollow fiber 250g / m² Eco Sustainable

Neotherm ECO fiber filling that provides softness and fluffiness to the microfiber, with a highly soft down touch. 250 g / m².

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
From €33.60

Nice hygiene elastic protective cover up to thickness 30 cm

This protective mattress cover against mites is made with elastic cotton fabric.

(4,3/5) on 3 rating(s)
From €38.11

Anti-mite mattress cover Waterproof up to thickness 30 cm

Anti-bed bug mattress cover is made of 100% polyester with Acarsan Natural® anti-mite treatment . It also has a 100% polyurethane waterproof base .

(3,2/5) on 5 rating(s)
From €38.72
Nórdico Denver Bicolor
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Nordic Denver Bicolor

Fiber duvet with extra soft touch microfiber fabric. With colored outer trim around the perimeter. 300 g / m² (recommended for autumn-winter).

(4,8/5) on 4 rating(s)
From €40.00
Almohada visco-plus Bamboo doble funda
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Double bamboo visco pillow medium-high firmness

Memory foam pillow with high density soft perforated core with special formulation and extra height that provides adequate support.

(3,8/5) on 10 rating(s)
From €49.10

Thermo-regulator cotton fitted sheet up to thickness 30 cm

A top quality sheet that maintains a constant temperature, made of 100% Outlast cotton fabric. It favors the regular temperature of the bed.

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
From €62.92