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Mattresses for herniated discs

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€285.00 - €945.00
Pocket spring mattresses

Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene

€568.80 €948.00
(4,6/5) on 29 rating(s)
Its own name indicates it. The Gold Relax Mattress is gold in its purest form. Why? For its high firmness, for its visco graphene composition, which provides a pleasant thermal sensation and for its price, adapted to all pockets. Are you looking for freshness, comfort and convenience? Get it!

At Colchones Aznar we have the best mattresses so that your rest is maximum. Pain due to a herniated disc? There is no mattress on the market to solve your condition, but what if there are certain materials so that you are as relaxed as possible at the time of your rest.

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