Mattresses for herniated discs

At Colchones Aznar we have the best mattresses so that your rest is maximum. Pain due to a herniated disc? There is no mattress on the market to solve your condition, but what if there are certain materials so that you are as relaxed as possible at the time of your rest.

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Colchón de muelles ensacados Pluton
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Solidarity mattress with pocket springs Pluton Relax 24 cm

With visco and fiber padding, the Plutón Relax Pocket Spring Solidarity Mattress stands out for its good value for money. Suitable for double beds, youth beds and also for babies, it makes the body remain perfectly aligned.

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Colchón Cotton con visco
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Hr Cotton mattress with 27 cm extra firm breathable visco

The Cotton with visco mattress is made of cotton, thus achieving high elasticity combined with excellent breathability. Indicated for corpulent people, it will allow you to rest without the annoying swings or slopes due to the difference in weights.

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Pocket spring mattress...
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Pocket spring mattress Relax Orquidea 31 cm adaptable

The Relax Orquidea pocket spring mattress is made of high quality fiber and a highly technological spring system. The weight is distributed proportionally by all its parts. Do you want a mattress to rest each area of the body? Do not look any further!.

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Colchón Normazone Regium Pikolin
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Regium Pikolin spring mattress 25 cm extra firm firmness

The perfect tandem between modernity and quality. This is the Regium Pikolín spring mattress, your ideal product if you do not want to say goodbye neither to the springs nor to the adaptability and pleasure that memory foam provides. An almost 2x1 with excellent value for money.

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Colchón Gaviota Oro Relax
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Gaviota Oro pocket spring mattress 31 cm visco-graphene

Its own name indicates it. The Gold Relax Mattress is gold in its purest form. Why? For its high firmness, for its visco graphene composition, which provides a pleasant thermal sensation and for its price, adapted to all pockets. Are you looking for freshness, comfort and convenience? Get it!

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Colchón viscoelástico Bultex Quasar
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Visco mattress Bultex Rose 28 cm high firmness soft fibercel

The Bultex Rose mattress, belonging to the Pikolin group, offers gradual adaptability thanks to Fibercel padding. Its materials, technological and innovative, act on the most damaged parts of the body, relaxing them. A luxury for rest!

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Colchón confortcel Pikolin Perseo
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Visco Pikolin Perseo mattress 28 cm three resting areas

With a structure in the form of a nested bee, the Pikolin Perseo confortcel mattress is made of a Confortcel® Zone core with a Viscofoam® layer, which gives it high resilience and porosity. Are you looking for softness, comfort and breathability? This is your mattress.

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Colchón muelles Boranza 2.0 Pikolin
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Boranza 2.0 Pikolin spring mattress 28 cm extra firmness

The Boranza 2.0 Pikolin spring mattress is Pikolin's hallmark innovation and technology. If you are looking for a resistant and highly firm mattress thanks to its Normablock thread spring system and its various layers of padding, you are facing one of the most outstanding.

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Colchón HybridSense Bellagio
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Extra firm Green Therapy 26 cm visco mattress and springs

The Green Therapy mattress is designed to rest. Elegance and softness come together in this technical mattress made with select natural fabrics and anatomically perfect padding.

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Colchón Bultex Draco
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Visco mattress Bultex Draco 26 cm memory foam high firmness

The Bultex Draco mattress provides a good feeling of firmness as well as a gradual reception thanks to the Bultex ® foam and the Bultex Nanotech. Its most outstanding features? High technology, correct ventilation and high independence of beds.

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Colchón Magnum Relax muelles ensacados
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Magnum Relax pocket spring mattress 32 cm high quality

With seven rest areas, the Magnum Relax Mattress combines high technology, strong sitting and resistance. How do you get it? Thanks to the high quality materials that it incorporates in its padding and its natural fillings. Are you going to let it escape?.

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Colchón Bultex Casiopea
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Bultex Casiopea 26 cm Bultex foam mattress soft firmness

Belonging to the Elite series by Bultex , the high-end Bultex Casiopea mattress has various types of Bultex ® and Memory Foam foam, which allows it to act on the most damaging areas of the body. With an enviable aesthetic, with it you will not want the alarm clock to ring.

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Normasense Pikolin...
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Normasense Pikolin Perfection mattress 32 cm micropocket

The Normasense Pikolin Perfection mattress is the top of the Normablock® continuous thread spring mattresses from Pikolin. It incorporates the Normasense spring system, a technological evolution that reinforces its reception and stability. Suitable for all kinds of sleepers!

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