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Natural latex mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are known for their excellent reception when lying on them. They are models manufactured to facilitate the coupling of the body of the sleeper. Latex mattresses are ideal for electric beds and for the elderly.

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Natural latex mattresses

100% Boreal Brown latex mattress 15 cm medium firmness

€324.80 €406.00
(4,3/5) on 8 rating(s)
Formed by a 15 cm latex core, the Pardo Boreal latex mattress makes lying down soft, without sacrificing firmness. The fact that it is a removable model, with a side zipper, provides a balance and a feeling of comfort worthy of mention.
Formed by a 15 cm latex core, the Pardo Boreal latex mattress makes lying...
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Natural latex mattresses

100% Pardo Alcor latex mattress 22 cm soft and pleasant

€346.91 €433.64
(4,3/5) on 9 rating(s)
It is no coincidence that the Pardo Alcor latex mattress is the best seller in this category. With a very competitive price, it manages to combine firmness, comfort and a soft and pleasant touch thanks to its natural materials. An option that matches perfectly with fixed and articulated bases.
It is no coincidence that the Pardo Alcor latex mattress is the best seller...
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Natural latex mattresses

100% Iris latex mattress 21 cm articulated and adaptable

€385.55 €771.11
(4/5) on 8 rating(s)
With seven different rest areas, the 100% Iris latex mattress combines different densities of this material for the perfect reception of each part of the body. With the eco-label, its padding means you won't hear the slightest movement, even if you sleep with your partner.
With seven different rest areas, the 100% Iris latex mattress combines...
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Natural latex mattresses

Natural latex mattress 100% latex 23 cm zero synthetic

€729.21 €1,458.42
The Natural latex mattress responds to these three adjectives: natural, synthetic and ecological. With high elasticity and padding based on ecological components, it allows you to enjoy a healthy and pleasant rest in equal parts.
The Natural latex mattress responds to these three adjectives: natural,...

Benefits, qualities and compositions of latex mattresses.

Types of latex mattresses

Within the range of latex mattresses we can differentiate into 3 types: synthetic latex mattresses, mixed latex mattresses and natural latex mattresses. The difference between these different types of mattresses is summarized in whether the mattress is 100% natural latex (actually the value is between 85% and 100% natural latex) or if it is combined with other materials in a higher proportion. Which is better? If we are looking for a breathable and not so heavy mattress, Mix Latex mattresses are a good option, since they are combined with Latex and Foams (more elastic and firmer cores). If we want materials as natural as possible, 100% natural latex is the choice (better adaptability, more progressive firmness and softness)

The thickness of a latex mattress is an indicator of quality. If we exert pressure on the mattress, we can say that the later the latex to recover its original shape, the greater the thickness or quality of latex we will have.

Benefits of sleeping on latex mattresses

Benefit for rest: Excellent adaptability and softness. Fully customizable. Ideal for sleeping with your partner. More restorative for fewer postural changes. It adapts proportionally to the weight of each part of the body.

Health benefit: Ecological by substituting petroleum derivatives for latex. Protect the environment. Optimal support for the body morphology causing the perfect support of the anatomy and relaxation of the muscles. Improves blood circulation. Completely straight back. Hygienic thanks to its manufacturing certificate and internal ventilation through its cells and alveoli and channels. More restorative sleep for less micro waking up thanks to the NO transmission of the couple's movement.

How to take care of your mattress

Mattresses are not eternal and little by little they lose their qualities. Time causes its materials, technologies and internal mechanisms to deteriorate. After a while, from 5 to 8 years, you have to renew it. Buying a mattress is investing in your health.

The following guidelines will extend the life, construction and material properties of your mattress:

1.- Dress it with a good protective cover.

2.- The bed is a mattress with its base. Choose your mattress along with the most suitable base for the type of mattress you have purchased.

3.- Pass the vacuum cleaner from time to time. It will keep clean.

4.- Air it regularly. It will keep cool and make it easier to ventilate the mattress.

5.- Avoid jumping on the mattress. Always treat it with care.

6.- Turn it over or change its position regularly (with respect to its position on the base). You will avoid deformations.

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