Natural latex mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are known for their excellent reception when lying on them. They are models manufactured to facilitate the coupling of the body of the sleeper. Latex mattresses are ideal for electric beds and for the elderly.

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Colchón de látex Pardo Boreal
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Latex mattress 100% Boreal brown 15 cm medium firmness

Made up of a 15 cm latex core, the Pardo Boreal latex mattress makes lying down soft, without sacrificing firmness. The fact that it is a removable model, with a side zip, provides a balance and a feeling of comfort worth mentioning.

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Colchón de látex Pardo Alcor
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Latex mattress 100% Pardo Alcor 22 cm soft and pleasant

It is not by chance that the Pardo Alcor latex mattress is the best-seller in this category. With a very competitive price, it manages to combine firmness, comfort and a soft and pleasant touch thanks to its natural materials. An option that goes perfectly with fixed and articulated bases.

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Colchón de látex 100% Gamma
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Latex mattress 100% Nude 21 cm articulable and adaptable

With seven different sleeping areas, the latex 100 mattress% Nude combines different densities of this material for the perfect reception of each part of the body. With the eco-label, its padding means that you do not hear even the slightest movement, even if you sleep as a couple.

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Colchón de látex Natural Elit Zero
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100 natural latex mattress% Elit Zero 27 cm synthetic scratch

The Natural Elit Zero latex mattress responds to these three adjectives: natural, synthetic and ecological. High elasticity and padding based on ecological components, it allows you to enjoy a healthy and pleasant rest in equal measure.

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