Mattresses for athletes

Do you want to know why a mattress suitable for adults who do sports such as running, cycling, etc? Think of a comfortable break in one of our memory foam mattresses it is essential to minimize the risk of injury. These mattresses for athletes adapt like a glove to your body with just the right pressure and firmness to facilitate blood circulation that translates into better muscle recovery. Within the range of mattresses for athletes we also have foam mattresses that adapt to your needs.

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Colchón viscoelástico Relax Bicore
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Visco mattress Bicore Vision 28 cm high anti-mite firmness

Comfortable, ergonomic and very cool. These are the hallmarks of Bicore Viscoelastic, a mattress that offers a gradual and natural rest thanks to its bilayer core. The most advisable option for those who suffer from back pain and need to relax the joints every night.

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Colchón HybridSense Bellagio
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Extra firm Green Therapy 26 cm visco mattress and springs

The Green Therapy mattress is designed to rest. Elegance and softness come together in this technical mattress made with select natural fabrics and anatomically perfect padding.

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Colchón Sensair Relax Triumph Vision
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Visco mattress Triumph Vision 32 cm ergonomic adaptable

An enveloping welcome and a feeling of weightlessness. These are the most characteristic notes of Sensair Triumph Vision Relax , a mattress that also acts as a thermal regulator, reduces muscle tension and provides a firmness adjusted to each of the parts of the body.

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