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Toppers, mattress toppers

A topper topper or mattress pad is placed over spring mattresses , latex, foam or even mattresses visco enhancing its features and improving the comfort of the same.

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Toppers, mattress toppers

Topper mattress topper natural latex Blanc soft height 13 cm

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A topper that transmits a lot of comfort when resting, it is ideal for those who require a higher level of elasticity and softness than they have with their current mattress. Latex is made with natural components that are very convenient for people with allergies.
A topper that transmits a lot of comfort when resting, it is ideal for those...

Benefits, qualities and compositions of the mattress toppers.

The best mattress toppers

The mattress topper improves the comfort and the sensations we have of the mattress. They are very practical elements to use when we feel that our mattress is too firm or that it does not adapt well to our rest. It is between 3 and 13 cm thick, and is placed on top of the mattress. Its mission is to change the perception of rest, achieving sensations of greater adaptability or softness, depending on the chosen topper.

Is your mattress too hard or old? Do not detach from it, turn it into a comfortable mattress thanks to a topper.

When the demands of rest change, it is not necessary to replace the mattress: it is enough to add a mattress topper or topper, a special mattress that allows you to change or correct the rigidity of the mattress, adapting it to the new support requirements. Mattresses Aznar has a range of toppers made up of three materials: latex, viscoelastic and natural fibers toppers.

Can I put the topper on any mattress?

Yes, correct, we can put the topper on any type of mattress, but we will always have to take into account "the feeling" that we want to obtain to choose the correct type. The mattress topper is used to provide more comfort to the mattress, especially if we notice it excessively hard and uncomfortable.

If, on the other hand, we observe that we sink into the mattress and it is not deformed, the solution will probably be to change the base or mattress, and not to acquire a top mattress. If you have questions, contact us.

What are the advantages of using a mattress topper?

  1. A topper is usually cheaper than a mattress, so you can improve your current sleep quality for less money.
  2. The mattress toppers act directly on the layers of the mattress padding, which are those that have the adaptive properties.
  3. By placing a topper between the sleeper and the mattress, a physical barrier is created against the mites, this greatly reduces the level of wear suffered by the mattress padding over time.
  4. Most toppers are removable and can be conveniently machine washed.
  5. The memory foam toppers, from 5 cm thick, help to distribute the weight evenly over the entire sleeping surface, reducing the pressure exerted by the mattress on the areas of the body that weigh more.
  6. Some people who have problems with the perspiration level of their mattresses, decide to place on them, toppers with breathable fabric in their cover. This allows an air chamber to be created between the sleeper and the sleeping surface, which facilitates continuous air circulation during sleeping hours, reducing night sweats.

What is a memory foam topper?

A topper or also known as a mattress topper is an extension of this rest element. Its functions are none other than:

  • Cushioning
  • Additional supports

It can be applied both to a spring, latex or foam mattress, but also, as is the case at hand, on memory foam mattresses.

If the mattress has a slight rise or no longer provides 100% quality, it is positioned as the best way to give it a new life, thus offering an alternative to buying a new one.

But what distinguishes the memory foam topper?

The memory foam topper is a luxury for sleeping. It is composed of a small upholstered visco sheet that reinforces the support points, adapting perfectly to the morphology of the body.

As a rule, it usually has a density of 5 to 10 centimeters, hence many people use it as the mattress for the smallest of the house, although it is not the most recommended.

Do not forget that it is a complement, not the base to trust a break of 10.

What are the advantages of the memory foam topper?

The main function of a memory foam topper is to reduce pressure points on all parts of the body. Its ergonomics allow a perfect support of the head and neck, as well as adaptation to the back, but these are not the only advantages that its use provides:

  • Increases mattress protection against dirt.
  • Improves the comfort of hard mattresses.
  • Extends the useful life of the mattress, especially one that only has one side.
  • Economy: it is much cheaper than a new mattress.
  • Cleaning: it is much easier to wash than a conventional one.
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Increase perspiration.

Of course, caution. If you place it on top of a damaged or damaged mattress, all these advantages will be diminished. Do not forget that they inherit the deformities of what they have underneath.

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