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Articulating mattresses

The articulated mattresses can be made of visco , springs , latex or technical foams , prepared so that the core can articulate. It is not necessary to use them to articulate, if it is not necessary, having the same comfort and adaptability of a traditional mattress. If in the future you want or need to articulate your mattress, these are the ideal models to use with your articulated bed . Find the ideal mattress for your articulated bed among our models.

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€255.00 - €900.00
Natural latex mattresses

100% Pardo Alcor latex mattress 22 cm soft and pleasant

€446.00 €524.70
(4,2/5) on 6 rating(s)
It is no coincidence that the Pardo Alcor latex mattress is the best seller in this category. With a very competitive price, it manages to combine firmness, comfort and a soft and pleasant touch thanks to its natural materials. An option that goes perfectly with fixed and articulated bases.
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