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Warranty coverage

To complain about possible defects in a product covered by the guarantee, the original purchase invoice must be attached. Thus, Colchones Aznar who undertakes to:

  1. Repair or replace any of the damaged parts of the product free of charge, provided they are manufacturing defects.
  2. The decision to repair or replace defective products will be taken by Colchones Aznar , as a professional, and taking into account the nature of each product.
  3. Not included in our warranty
  4. Defects due to improper use, poor storage, dirt, use of force, damage by water or fire, excessive loads, humidity or stains on the mattress, use of chemical products, or repairs carried out by third parties.
  5. Use of the mattress without a suitable or deformed base.
  6. Holes, stains in the fabric, loose threads, or other similar imperfections, which are not claimed at the time of delivery, or within 24 hours of receipt.
  7. The tolerances regarding the measurements of length, width, and thickness that will allow variations of +/- 3 cm.
  8. From the beginning of the use of the mattress there is a normal settlement of the internal layers that oscillates between + 0 / -2 (UNE-EN 1334: 1996 standard). This totally normal circumstance does not give the right to repair or compensation.

Recommended rules of use

  1. Latex, visco-elastic, or foam mattresses are capable of being folded and rolled, without this affecting their qualities, characteristics or performance in any way.
  2. Do not jump or stand on the mattress.
  3. Bending the corners of the mattress can be harmful
  4. A base in poor condition will damage your mattress.
  5. It is advisable to keep the mattress clean and protected from moisture and external agents with a cover.
  6. It is important and advisable to use a base, mattress or sofa of the same size as the mattress.

It is convenient to change the position of the mattress once a month, turning from head to toe and from head to toe. Latex mattresses should also be turned upside down and upside down. Do not perform this action on visco elastic mattresses. We recommend this practice to use the entire mattress base at rest.

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