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It is an Aragonese company in the rest sector, founded in 1974 and consolidated as one of the most important independent mattress and distribution chains in Spain. With physical stores, located in Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel, a 24-hour online store, a large showroom and central offices in Zaragoza, and which distributes only leading brands specialized in rest. Having today the best Mattress Offer, Economic Canapés, Quality bed bases and much more.

The 1st Brands of the Rest Sector have been trusting us for more than 40 years: Pikolin, Relax, Bultex, Dorelan, Astral Nature, Brown Y Velamen.

Family business

Colchones Aznar is a 50% family business%. Its general director is Carlos Monreal Aznar ; the commercial manager, Carmen Cabeza; and the Marketing Director, Manuel Monreal. In it, 40 people work directly and another five, indirectly. Its maxim is customer advice, unlike large stores. Market the 90% of high-end mattresses and sells 30% of rest equipment that are acquired in Spain. In addition to providing to individuals, Colchones Aznar has a hospitality department that supplies beds, pillows and other products to hotel chains.

Aznar mattresses We are formed by a Team of more than 40 People specialized in the Rest sector.

History of Colchones Aznar

The rest equipment They have undergone a major transformation since the 1970s. At that time, the only mattresses in existence were made from wool. To make them, you had to follow some basic steps. The priority was to wash the wool, condition it, gin it and shake it, a process that was repeated once a year. Finally, the fabric in which the material was introduced was sewn. The cleaning of these mattresses was done in the interior patios of the houses, just like the manufacture.
This activity was typical of the colchoneros, a profession that disappeared in the mid-1970s, when a law prohibited the cleaning of mattresses in the patios, mainly as a consequence of the appearance of mattresses. spring mattresses. These were more modern and cleaner, which caused the extinction of the wool ones. At first, any store could market this product.
But in 1974, Aznar mattresses He opened his first establishment and became one of the first businesses in Spain specialized in rest. This first store, measuring only fifty square meters, was located on Calle de San Juan de la Cruz in the city of Zaragoza and was founded by José Miguel Monreal Aznar . Soon, the company spread throughout the Aragonese capital.
With the opening of a second establishment in 1976, Aznar mattresses maintained its leadership in the rest sector with the best offer in mattresses and advice, a line that has remained alive.
Between 1978 and 1979, Carlos Monreal Aznar , brother of the founder, joined the family initiative, supporting the expansion project of the firm. As a result, Colchones Aznar opened a new branch in Zaragoza's calle de Hernán Cortés: its flagship store. In the mid-1990s, with the opening of the main shopping centers in the city of Zaragoza (Augusta and Gran Casa), the number of stores was expanded. Due to the high number of delegations already established, it was necessary to set up a central headquarters that would supply the stores with all the Mattresses, Economic bed bases, Folding Canapés, Pillows, and rest of rest complements ..
This headquarters was established, at the end of that decade, on the Valencia highway, kilometer 7,800, at the height of the Zaragoza municipality of Cuarte de Huerva. In 2000, the firm expanded its borders with the five stores established outside the city of Zaragoza: in Huesca, Jaca, Barbastro, Alcañiz, Teruel and Pamplona. In addition, in mid-2008, it began its journey through the Internet. The Web It has made it possible for the Aragonese entity to offer its advice and services throughout Spain and abroad: mainly, in France and Portugal.

Mattresses online store

It is an informative website where you can find the characteristics of each of the products that are offered in their delegations. Since January 2011, it also allows the purchase of any of the rest equipment from anywhere in the country; And, as if that were not enough, the company also has a weekly updated blog that collects very useful information on rest and its benefits.
Colchones Aznar is also on the Facebook social network. On April 20, 2012, the entity was present at the stand that the Government of Aragon, through the Aragonese Institute for Development (IAF), showed at Expofranquicia 2012, in Madrid. In support of Aragonese sport, Colchones Aznar has linked its corporate image to the promotion of Aragonese sport for years. In this way, it has become one of the sponsors of the Team Turismo de Aragón-Urbener motorcycling team, in which the 16-year-old young motorcyclist, Pedro Rodríguez Almansa, competes.

The Aragonese rider raced in the Spanish 125 GP Championship in September 2011, after signing the sponsorship signed by Turismo de Aragón with Stylobike 2010, a company that represents Pedro Rodríguez. Thus, it participated during the 2011 season in the seven races that were held at the circuits of Jérez, Montmeló, Valencia, Albacete and Motorland Aragón. For the 2012 season, Colchones Aznar has maintained its support for the biker.
Colchones Aznar also sponsors the Cuarte de Huerva football teams of all categories, showing its involvement with the municipality in which its headquarters are located. Finally, it is worth highlighting the collaboration of the entity with the latest project of the Aragonese mountaineer Carlos Pauner. Specifically, with the documentary '8.516' about his ascent to Lhotse, which he presented in June 2011 at the Zaragoza History Center.

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