Opportunities in a wide variety of spring mattresses, memory foam, bed bases and folding couches of the first brands. Colchones Aznar has a wide range of rest products from Pikolin, Relax, Hukla, Dorelan and many more. Find cheap mattresses and do not miss the best offers of black friday mattresses.

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Canapé Abatible madera láminas Oxfort
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Folding bed with breathable sheets Oxfort height 32 cm

The Oxfort slat folding sofa is a guarantee of space saving. With a height, including the lid, of 32 cm, it will allow you to enjoy one more wardrobe in your bedroom. Shipping and assembly included in the price!

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€411.40 -45% From €226.27
Canguro o Auxiliar Nido Pikolin Reforzado
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Kangaroo bed-Auxiliary nest Pikolin Reinforced height 42 cm

The Kangaroo nest Pikolin SR40019 (KT47-SG20) is made up of a set of two slatted beech beds, placed one under the other in the form of a trundle bed.

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€479.00 -45% From €263.45
Colchón viscoelástico Sumatra
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Colchón Emma One 18 cm breathable washable mattress and high firmness

Your Emma mattress at a more affordable price, adapts to your body and your budget, an 18 cm mattress that offers adequate support and comfort, exceptionally comfortable Emma One, is perfect to sleep as you prefer, face down, face up.

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€299.00 -10% From €269.10
Colchón viscoelástico Sumatra
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Colchón Emma Original mattress 25 cm high comfort the most awarded

Elegant, technological and very adaptable. Those are the characteristics that define the Colchón Emma , the best-selling in Europe. Its four layers, with an intelligent structure, and its pores allow perfect weight distribution and natural perspiration.

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€399.00 -30% From €279.30
Canapé Abatible madera 3D blanco
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Relax Hit 3D Folding Canapé large capacity height 34 cm

Relax Folding Canapé is a plus to correctly store everything that you cannot find a space for. Composed of a wooden structure and with a total height of 34 cm (including the lid), it will delight any lover of order.

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€600.16 -50% From €300.08
Pocket spring mattress...
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Pocket spring mattress Relax Orquidea 31 cm adaptable

Relax Orquidea pocket spring mattress is made of high quality fiber and a highly technological spring system. The weight is distributed proportionally by all its parts. Do you want a mattress to rest each area of the body? Do not look any further!.

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€597.00 -40% From €358.20
Cama eléctrica 5 planos de articulación Krono
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Kronos wooden electric bed 5 flat slats beech

5-plane electric bed improves your posture while you sleep. Enjoy your favorite book or movie from the comfort of your bed. A revolution for your rest. Adapt your bed to your needs at all times. Your bedroom will become your favorite place.

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€598.00 -40% From €358.80
Colchón muelles Boranza 2.0 Pikolin
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Boranza 2.0 Pikolin spring mattress 28 cm extra firmness

The Boranza 2.0 Pikolin spring mattress is Pikolin's hallmark innovation and technology. If you are looking for a resistant and highly firm mattress thanks to its Normablock thread spring system and its various layers of padding, you are facing one of the most outstanding.

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€1,182.00 -55% From €531.90
Colchón HybridSense Bellagio
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Visco mattress and springs Green Therapy 26 cm extra firm

The Green Therapy mattress is designed to rest. Elegance and softness come together in this technical mattress made with select natural fabrics and anatomically perfect padding.

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€947.00 -40% From €568.20
Litera Plegable vega Pardo
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Vega Pardo metal folding bunk

The Vega de Pardo folding bunk bed has a beautiful design, as well as being safe and practical. A metal bunk bed to solve space problems in your bedroom, with a 100% reliable security system.

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€717.00 -10% From €645.30