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Colchón Cotton con visco

Hr Cotton mattress with 27 cm extra firm breathable visco

Hr Cotton mattress with 27 cm extra firm breathable visco

Hr Cotton mattress with 27 cm extra firm breathable visco

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The Cotton mattress with visco is made of cotton, thus achieving high elasticity combined with excellent breathability. Indicated for corpulent people, it will allow you to rest without the annoying swings or slopes due to the difference in weights.

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Firm mattress ideal for you

The Cotton mattress is ideal for the largest in the house, it is a mattress composed of a foam core (HR of 28 kg / m3) commonly used.
Whether it is to be used every day , a second home or the Guest room of your house, thanks to its memory foam in its padding (Firm and Ergonomic), in this mattress you will sleep and recharge for the next day.
It doesn't matter if you sleep alone or with someone, this mattress is for people of average weight so it keeps the different rest areas well differentiated.

Is there a difference in Weight and Height in the couple? Don't worry, this model is perfect for cases in which the difference in weight and / or height in the couple who will sleep on the mattress is considerable.

If your partner moves a lot, you wo n't notice !

The Cotton mattress keeps your body in a natural position and a correct alignment of your spine, guaranteeing you the Ideal Rest .
It is a mattress that maintains excellent breathability thanks to its Fabric made of Cotton ... which creates a sensation in which the air circulates freely, avoiding accumulations of humidity and quickly evacuating heat. What does this mean ? What if you usually sweat and get hot when you sleep, this mattress is the best option due to its great ventilation .

2 cm of memory foam D-50 Kg / m3. 20 cm HR (High Resilience) D-28 Kg / m3

REMEMBER: Your body has Memory, so Back and Neck is essential that they rest properly while you sleep.

What will the Cotton mattress give you during your rest?

Firmness 80% 80% complete (success)
Adaptability 50% 50% complete (success)
Perspiration 50% 50% complete (success)

What will the Cotton mattress give you during your rest?

Your Body Has Memory, Bet on Rest on a Quality Mattress .

Core with 2 cm of 27 kg / m3 density viscoelastic, functioning as a support.
The upper face of the mattress is padded with a uniform and low relief design so that the sleeper has maximum comfort during rest.
Correct position of the column due to the viscoelastic properties, which reduce pressure points.
Correct bed independence: If you sleep as a couple, the movements of the other sleeper will be minimized, achieving a relaxed rest.
Hygienic and antiallergic mattress, thanks to the treatment, which acts against mites, bacteria and microorganisms that form on the mattress over time.
The outer fabric of this mattress is high quality Stretch, breathable and soft to the touch, providing comfort and really facilitating rest.
Measurements: 27 cm high (+/- 3 cm).

What are your treatments?

Treatment öko-tex Standard 100. No harmful substances have been used in the manufacture.
Environmentally friendly antibacterial and anti-mold.

Product manufactured in Spain, under the ISO-9001: 2000 standard
Mattress warranty Mattresses Aznar offers a 2-year guarantee on this foam mattress.
The Cotton mattress is from the exclusive range of Colchones Aznar manufactured by Hilding Anders Spain.

20 cm HR (High Resilience) D-28 Kg / m3
Closed, with outer trim
Bed independence
Recommended base
Folding sofa beds, upholstered bases, bed bases.
Yes, every 6 months
Outer fabric
1 side
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By on  24 Sept. 2020 (Hr Cotton mattress with 27 cm extra firm breathable visco) :


Lo probamos en un Hotel y llame para que me dieras la referencia ,,,es lo que estaba buscando

By on  16 July 2019 (Hr Cotton mattress with 27 cm extra firm breathable visco) :

Colchón Cotton con visco

Me satisface este tipo de colchón por sus características.

By on  25 May 2019 (Hr Cotton mattress with 27 cm extra firm breathable visco) :

Muy bien el asesoramiento, mal los repartidores

Muy contento con la compra, el trato, asesoramiento recibido y la calidad del producto. Estoy pensando en comprar uno igual para otra vivienda.

No me gusto que en la entrega se fueron sin recogerme el colchón el usado, cuando les dije al venir, ¡que no se olvidaran en retirármelo!, cuando lo tenían junto al camión.

Para mi se lo dejaron aposta.

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