cash on delivery

Aznar Mattresses offers you the option of paying for your purchases on delivery, that is, paying for your order when you receive it at your home. Payment will be made at the same time the carrier delivers your order. Only cash payments are accepted. This option is only available in some cases.

With credit and debit cards

You can pay the total amount of your purchase by paying with your Visa, debit, 4B or MasterCard card. If you use the PayPal platform, which has no additional cost, you can even pay with your PayPal account, bank account and other credit cards such as American Express. You can do it in the purchase process (at the time of paying for the content of the shopping cart) or by calling us by phone.

By Paypal

You can pay the total amount of your purchase through one of the most comfortable, reliable and used online payment systems in the world today. PayPal is one of the most widely used methods on the Internet today for its security and convenience. PayPal also allows you to pay with all major debit/credit cards.

By Bank transfer

Make the payments for your purchase by making a transfer of funds from your bank account through your Internet branch or from your regular branch at your bank.

With Financing Without Establishment Expenses and 0% Annual Interest

Aznar Mattresses offers you a new form of payment, Financing with an external credit institution. You will be able to pay for your purchases up to 18 months without interest in comfortable monthly installments without any expense or commission. Inquire directly at this bank if you want details of the conditions of the contract. Aznar Mattresses simply facilitates access to financing by assuming the costs of opening the loan and the interest associated with the annual amount financed. This option is only available for our physical store purchases.

Payment with financing up to 24 months

How does it work? Choose Defer me in the store, when you go to pay the order. In "Aplázame" we give per customer up to €2,500 of credit instantly (with a maximum of €1,000 per operation) . Decide in how many months you want to pay, and choose up to a maximum of 12 installments paying by card. From "Aplázame" ( we will be available if you need anything. Enjoy your purchases!

Confidentiality: The purchasing user accepts that all their personal data will be fully transferred to "Aplázame" from the moment the user initiates the contracting of the deferred payment service offered by this entity when choosing the "Aplázame" payment method. This acceptance of data confidentiality is extended to third parties that have to access the "Aplázame" files for the successful completion of the contract.

If you choose to pay with "Defer me" you can defer the payment of the total cart with your credit or debit card up to a maximum of 12 installments and also choosing the optimal payment date for you. An APR interest rate is applied that "Aplázame" shows at the time of selecting the number of months to finance.

Note: If you don't have a credit card to apply for "Defer me" financing, request it from your bank. Cards for "online purchases" are also accepted by "Aplázame"

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