Created to personalize the rest of each sleeper

Definitely, the guarantee of a good rest is the choice of a suitable mattress . sleep is key to our health and well-being. For this reason, it is essential to know how to choose a mattress that suits our needs and gives us comfort and convenience. With the Pikolin Dual Pik mattress , we can achieve this.

What are the characteristics of the Best Pikolin mattress?


This mattress features Adapt Tech technology. block of individually pocketed springs that offer an independent response to movements during rest. They adapt to the weight and morphology of each person, also providing freshness. These springs, being independent, guarantee total independence from beds, managing to completely avoid the transmission of movements to the person next to you.


This mattress guarantees the NO transmission of movements and/or vibrations to the person next to you, thanks to its core of independent springs and the visco support, and also allows you to sleep on the firm (left) or soft (right) bed, thus allowing sleeping on the same mattress two people with different weight and/or firmness needs.


Dual Pik Mattress Reviews

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The incorporation of customizable support in the core of Pikolin mattresses is due to the differences between the different body complexions. Thanks to the possibility of choosing between a Dual, medium and firm support on each side of the mattress, we manage to adapt the rest to the needs of each person. For this reason, this Pikolin mattress incorporates Dua Balance technology .

Sensation of the Pikolin Dual Firm mattress

Mattress firmness Dual Firm85%
Mattress firmness Dual Firm80%

Sensation of the Pikolin Dual Medium mattress

Dual Medium Mattress Firmness60%
Dual Medium Mattress Firmness92%

Why is the Pikolin Dual Pik mattress the most suitable for our health?

It is an Adapt Tech® pocket spring mattress. Dual Pik is the only Pikolin model with customizable comfort . Thanks to its Double Rest technology, it offers the option of choosing different levels of firmness in the same mattress. Dual Balance is the perfect solution if two people with different weights or taste differences in comfort level sleep on the same mattress. Dual PIK DUAL is much more than rest.

Adapt Tech® pocket spring mattresses have all the technologies we need for a good night's sleep. The pocket springs adapt to each person's rest , offering great adaptability and ventilation during sleep.

Thanks to its careful design, this mattress helps us to generate a complete relaxation of the muscles every night, a perfect benefit to sleep in harmony every night. The shock absorber of these mattresses is responsible for providing the mattress with perfect stability, while the Adapt Tech® pocket spring system ensures that the mattress adapts every night to your most comfortable position for a totally restful sleep.

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